Paul Otellini and Technology for the Greater Good

This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.

Paul S. Otellini

Former Intel® CEO Paul Otellini had a vision for our company and relentless drive to make sure the customer always came first. Under his leadership, the company made important strategic, technological and financial gains. Perhaps even more important is that his vision for technology to connect and enrich people’s lives is coming to fruition in countless ways.

Better Air Quality Monitoring Leads to Healthier Lives

The World Health Organization released an alarming statistic about the effect of air pollution on the global mortality rate. We know that populations are moving back to cities in droves and that crowding, increased waste and dense energy consumption can adversely affect air quality.

In the past, monitoring solutions could be cost prohibitive, inaccurate, or just plain ineffective—making it difficult, if not impossible, for cities to sustain quality standards. Today, IoT-based solutions are providing access to comprehensive air quality data so that city leaders can take swift action to ensure their citizens’ safety.

Smart Support for Vulnerable Adults

Technology is a real game-changer for healthcare. People-delivered care is being assisted, supported and augmented by technology in countless ways. Using sensors and analytics, many patients can enjoy greater independence and quality of life, even while close tabs are kept on their conditions. Using IoT, health care professionals can use their time in the best possible way to give the best possible care.

Transforming Education for the Next Generation

Around the world, digital technologies are demonstrating their ability to empower educators to develop the next generation of lifelong learners, innovators and global citizens. Teachers can leverage powerful tools to accelerate and enhance student learning, while the students can create, communicate and collaborate in ways that better prepare them for the future.

IoT Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Food Safety Success

Approximately one in six—around 48 million—people per year get sick from eating contaminated food in the United States alone. Contamination can be difficult to pinpoint along the food chain and takes a long time to track down. And while food safety regulations are in place, compliance can also be an issue. Any break down in either area is a cause for concern to the public health, as well as the reputation—and profitability—of the companies involved.

IoT-powered solutions can help achieve greater safety in the food ecosystem on both fronts, facilitating improved prevention, response and traceability.

Together, Intel and our vast ecosystem of partners are helping Paul’s legacy live on by connecting and enriching the lives of people everywhere.