You’ve Got to be in IoT to Win at IoT

If you watched any of the US Open Tennis matches over the past few weeks and viewed the advertisements, you’ve no doubt heard that the IoT revolution is upon us. We are hearing about following tomato shipments by blockchains and how AI is helping us get to work on time. The Internet of Things is going mainstream, and this means it won’t be going away anytime soon. So, the question for all technology providers is: If you are not an IoT technology provider, how do you plan to compete in a marketplace that is ready-made for more technology services than ever before?

Getting in the Game is Easier than You Think

The Internet of Things is driving more business, educational and government advancement than we’ve experienced in quite some time. Through the strategic planning, design and deployment of IoT based technologies, entire industries are being transformed.

If you stop and think about it, chances are you are a technology provider that has already executed an IoT project for one of your customers. You just may not have realized it yet. If you’ve installed a digital security system or built a digital signage application for a customer, you’re an IoT technology provider.

The Next Golden Opportunity for Technology Providers

Now is the time for technology providers to officially put IoT on their resumes. The best thing about IoT projects is that they are vertically-focused and industry specific. Most technology providers already have vertical industry application expertise. This sets them up perfectly to segue into scoping, crafting and delivering IoT-specific projects. Many industries are primed for IoT deployments:

Chances are good that you have customers in these market segments that would really appreciate hearing about new ways to increase productivity, gain efficiencies and save money.

Learn more about how you can get into the IoT game by helping your customers leverage the Internet of Things here.

Win at IoT. Game-Set-Match!