Put Some Mustard On Your Marketing

If baseball players can put mustard on a pitch, then you can surely put mustard on your marketing. I’m talking about energy and vigor. I’m talking about marketing that speaks to your customers and has real meaning.

Mustard on Your Marketing? Absolutely!

Information comes at us all the time and from all directions. It can be hard to cut through the noise—especially if marketing isn’t your ‘thing’. We get that. That’s why Intel® has developed a series of free marketing materials for Intel® Technology Providers, including infographics, web banners, email templates, quick reference guides and call scripts to use in your marketing activities.

Served Up How You Want It

Saying that you want to market IT infrastructure modernization to your customers is kind of like saying you want chicken. There are as many ways to approach data center evolution as there are ways to make chicken. That’s why we break it down and let you choose the topics and marketing motions that fit your taste.

Interested in educating your customers about software-defined infrastructure and creating awareness around the benefits of dynamic and agile data center operations? Start here:

 Helping Businesses Modernize their IT Infrastructure

Key marketing messages cover these topics:

  • It is time to start your data center modernization journey
  • A private or hybrid cloud strategy best prepares your business for the future
  • Software-defined infrastructure can transform your data center to be cloud-ready

OEM Platform-Specific Campaigns

You can refine your marketing recipe by honing in on OEM platforms including VMware*-, Microsoft*- and OpenStack*-based SDI solutions based on your proficiencies or your customer’s preferences. Each platform has a full menu of marketing assets for your use.

Create the Perfect Blend

Build your marketing campaigns with videos and infographics, add landing pages to your website with pre-built assets, and use ready-to-customize email templates to generate leads. Then, nurture the leads with telemarketing scripts and use supplied customer presentations, briefs and white papers to help you close the sale. It’s all right here.

And, that is how you put mustard on your marketing!