What’s Your Data Center Modernization Story?

About half of IT departments are still running software on traditional silo-heavy architectures. You know it’s time to upgrade those data centers, but how do you demonstrate to your clients the need for data center modernization?

Before you can tell a compelling story for data center modernization, you must first understand the modernization story and how it will ultimately benefit your customers. The story must underscore how data center modernization is a requirement driven by needs of agility and innovation in the business. It should emphasize the importance of leveraging hybrid cloud, SDI, self-services and analytics as a means of transforming IT from a support center to a source of business innovation.

Conversation Starters

Looking for ways to start the conversation with your customers? A few probing questions to identify their pain points and goals is a good way to start.

  1. What are the business problems or imperatives? Are there business initiatives or workloads that could benefit from a flexible IT approach? Could quality of service delivery stand to be improved?
  2. How can costs be tamed? What are the savings that could be realized from higher utilization by building upon compute virtualization to add storage and network virtualization with intelligent orchestration? Could easy-to-use self-services reduce labor costs and accelerate application delivery?
  3. Is the current infrastructure in need of updating? What efficiencies could be gained from cloud and SDI? How could storage performance be improved with NVMe and SSDs? How can the business benefit from the agility and scalability of hybrid cloud?

Create Your Story

Stories resonate when listeners can relate. Intel® has developed a set of new assets to help you start conversations around modernizing your customers’ IT. As an Intel® Technology Provider you have exclusive access to a new branded experience for OEM platforms like Lenovo, Dell and HPE on VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft. For customers already purchasing these OEM platforms, we have an SDI story for you to tell.

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