Intel Virtual Technology Conference Is On-Demand

It’s summer—the perfect time to catch up on what you’ve missed. So, once you’re finished binge watching Netflix, turn your attention to topics that can help bolster your bottom line. There’s no shortage of excitement when it comes to seeing how cutting-edge technology can be put to work in creative and even life-changing ways. The trick is keeping current on the latest tech and gaining insight into how you can employ it to revolutionize your customers’ experiences and business outcomes—and create profitable, new revenue models in your own practice. Your first step is simple. Tune into the on-demand Intel® Virtual Technology Conference here.

What’s In Store

The on-demand event features an Exhibit Hall with booths from more than 20 key technology exhibitors; a Resource Center filled with product information, marketing materials, and sales guides; and a wealth of educational content in the Conference Center.

The curriculum in the Intel Virtual Technology Conference is organized into 4 tracks:

Client – This track explores the Intel® technology that fuels transformation and enables today’s digital workplace. It features product demos, customer trials and implementations, as well as tips for successfully marketing and selling your Intel-based client solutions.

Data Center – Discover Intel’s portfolio of data center products including Intel® Data Center Blocks which accelerate time to market, and the technology drivers of the next generation of cloud.

IoT – Understand how to uncover opportunities around IoT and learn how to build an IoT practice or successfully integrate IoT solutions into your offerings. Learn from real-world scenarios.

SSD – Learn how the new class of Intel® Optane Memory, and PCIe/NVMe SSDs accelerate response times and modernize the data center.

Earn 5 Training Credits Per On-Demand Class Attended

Accumulate credits to move up to the Gold level of Intel Technology Provider. Intel Technology Providers who have achieved Gold status can redeem points, receive premium marketing resources and are able to qualify for enhanced specialty benefits.

  • There are more than 16 online courses on data center, cloud, server, storage, PC refresh, IoT and more!
  • Access special promotions, offers, and selling resources
  • Even if you attended the live conference, come back to see technology demonstrations you may have missed, or just review the materials at your own pace

If you are not already a member of Intel Technology Provider, simply register at to begin earning points and training credits.

Log in here and make this summer the perfect time to heat up your business!