Celebrating Freedom This July 4th

We are fortunate to celebrate our independence each July 4th. We also take time on this day, and every day, to recognize freedom is not free, and we owe our deepest gratitude to the brave people who fought for our freedom and continue to defend it every day.

On a much lighter and far different note, we also owe our thanks to the many, extraordinarily talented designers, developers, engineers, makers and true technology innovators whose imaginations and ingenuity have fundamentally changed the way we live in the modern world—enabling an entirely different kind of freedom.

Intel® is proud of its legacy of technology leadership and is more energized than ever before to make the next wave of innovation even more exciting and beneficial for people everywhere with radically transformative applications.

Artificial Intelligence

AI promises to transform the way businesses use data and machines to intelligently sense, reason, act and accelerate solutions to large-scale problems—from global supply chain management to precision medicine for the masses.

Precision Healthcare

Intel® technology enables healthcare providers to develop predictive, preventative and personalized care for patients everywhere.

Modern Retail

Data-driven retailers use data to create smarter, seamless shopping experiences for customers online and in-store.

Commercial Drones

Intel is leading a new era of scalable commercial drone solutions for enterprise. With reliable, safe drone platforms, and powerful software for seamless mission planning, we’re expanding the potential of drones to tackle issues facing the oil and gas, energy, construction and agriculture industries.

We see a bright future for technology providers and encourage all to leverage the deep bench of talent and resources available through the Intel® Technology Providerprogram.

There’s never been a better time than now to set your imagination free!