Virtual Reality is a Game Changer. Here’s Why.

Virtual Reality (VR) is clearly a giant leap forward for gamers who want to rev up their playing experience. But VR has much more to offer and is something technology providers should be paying attention to. If you’re not convinced that VR will affect your business, look at the Goldman Sachs Profiles in Innovation report entitled “Virtual & Augmented Reality: Understanding the Race for the Next Computing Platform.” In it, they estimate that by 2025, VR and AR (Augmented Reality) could become a $128 billion market.

Intel® innovations are redefining what virtual reality really means—and what you can do in it.

Just last week, Intel® announced a three-year partnership with Major League Baseball to deliver live and on-demand virtual reality experiences to MLB fans in the “Intel True VR Game of the Week.” Intel® True VR technology (formerly called Voke) will let fans personalize their VR experiences. Fans will have the ability to choose from multiple 4K-resolution camera angles and access up-to-the-minute player and game stats, among other things. This latest announcement follows on the heels of similar sports-tech initiatives including the 2017 NCAA March Madness VR experience, and of course, Intel® 360 Replay technology at Super Bowl LI.

While gaming, live sporting events, concerts, even New York Fashion Week, as well as other forms of live entertainment, are fertile ground for VR, many other applications are rapidly emerging. Creative thinkers are reimagining how VR could alter the business of real estate, architecture, education, healthcare, and retail in ways that enhance, if not fundamentally shift, the users’ experiences.

Helping to fuel the VR fury is the new Intel® Core™ X-Series processor family, aimed at ultimate gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts who crave the best performance. The new Intel® Core™ X-series processor family is designed to scale to a user’s performance needs by delivering from 4 cores up to 18 cores for extreme performance. Leading the lineup is the Intel® Core™ i9 Extreme Edition with a hunger-satisfying 18 cores for power users. The Core X-series platform comes ready to install Intel® Optane™ memory and Intel® Optane™ SSDs for amazing system responsiveness. It supports immersive 4K visuals, four channel DDR4 2666 memory, Thunderbolt™ 3—delivering a 40Gb/s bi-directional port for almost any peripheral you want to connect—and up to 8 SATA ports for a RAID storage array.

This is the ultimate desktop platform that changes the game for system builders.

Discover ways in which you can make VR work for you and your customers and find inspiration from Intel IQ’s series on Virtual Reality.