The Future is Now. A Week at Intel Solution Summit

Each year, Intel® hosts an exclusive summit for Intel® Technology Provider Platinum partners, for a look into the future. This year’s Intel Solutions Summit took place at the end of May in Dallas, TX. While Platinum partners are exclusively invited to attend, we are eager to share our vision, roadmaps, and strategies with our larger partner community. You can also read more from our ISS 2017 special issue here.

Limitless Opportunity for Intel’s Channel Partners

We see a bright future for partners around three of Intel’s core businesses: compute, storage, and networking. The vast amounts of data being generated every day spell opportunity in memory, storage, networking, and yes, compute power. Our message to partners is that there is limitless opportunity. Take advantage of explosive growth in the data center and make the Internet of Things a reality for your customers.

Growth, Growth and More Growth

Vertical applications for IoT are widespread and we are helping partners like you move into new areas. Intel has made significant investments where we believe huge potential exists to solve real business problems. Together, we’re getting better at delivering real value for improving specific workflows in industries like retail, industrial IoT, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, for example.

Products Powering Sales for Partners

Fueling the growth of connected solutions, we introduced the Intel® Compute Card. About the size of a credit card, the Compute Card uses proven Intel® architecture to establish a new way for compute to interface with devices. Compute Card’s modularity and flexibility allows for internal or external integration with certified devices via a compute card slot. This is opening up virtually unlimited potential for consumer, business, and industrial applications.

Intel’s Recon Jet augmented reality-based goggles help workers on the manufacturing and industrial floor perform hands-free tasks easily. These connected goggles feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS that support a new, connected, manufacturing workforce. IT and OT convergence will present even more potential use cases.

Client computing remains a priority and performance leadership in this area paves the way for innovation in VR, gaming and gateways. New Intel® Optane memory modules in 16-GB and 32-GB accelerate performance and create a real opportunity for the channel.

The bottom line is this: Intel and our partners are making a new wave of digital innovation possible. As transformation sweeps through industries of every kind, IT professionals, tech-savvy business leaders, and CIOs, will need our collective help.

The future is bright. Get onboard!