Running on High Octane with Intel® Optane™

People like fast things: cars, food, and maybe mostly, fast computers. Intel® Optane™ is revolutionary, new memory technology that drastically improves system performance, to enable faster application launch times, and has built-in intelligence that automatically adjusts to users’ behaviors—making PCs go faster.

Help Customers Accelerate Their Business

You can provide your customers with the super-powered PC experience they crave. Imagine a PC refresh that delivers the high speed and responsiveness users need without compromising system storage capacity. Intel Optane memory makes it possible.

How does it work?

Intel Optane memory technology utilizes a combination of 3D XPoint™ memory media along with Intel® Rapid Store Technology (Intel® RST). It sits between the processor in 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor platforms and SATA-based storage devices. This groundbreaking new technology is offered in several form factors to unleash vast system performance in a range of products.

Intel Optane memory is a transformative system acceleration technology that provides an unprecedented level of responsiveness. It strikes the perfect balance of accelerating access to data while affordably maintaining mega storage capacities.

Customers will realize an array of important benefits:

  • A PC-user experience that is faster and smoother
  • Optimized responsiveness from system boot up to application launch times
  • SSD performance with hard disk drive capacity
  • Quicker access to key files
  • An intelligent system that automatically learns users’ computing behaviors

The Proof is in the Processing

When deployed as extended memory, this drive expands the system memory pool, creating bigger memory without increasing cost.  Best yet, a PC powered by a 7th Gen Intel Core processor using the Intel Optane memory module will:

  • Perform 28% faster
  • Provide 14X faster storage performance
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook nearly 6Xfaster
  • Launch the Google Chrome browser up to 5Xfaster
  • Launch games more than 65%faster

As Technology Providers know, system performance remains the number one PC refresh driver.  Now you can extend your customers’ technology investment with Intel Optane memory at a cost-effective price point.

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