Intel Technology Provider: Membership Has Its Benefits


Who doesn’t like perks? Reserved parking, box seats, primo tee times—these are the little bonuses that make the experiences a lot better. We think that rewarding membership and loyalty is a good idea, too. That’s why we dedicate teams, resources and funding to continuously enhancing the Intel® Technology Provider program.

Intel Technology Provider

Intel® Technology Provider is a global membership program for businesses that resell or recommend Intel® technology. As a Partner, you gain access to numerous benefits as you progress through the membership tiers.

What’s In It For You?

Membership has its benefits. One of the biggest benefits of the program is the knowledge sharing, training, and access to some of the world’s most talented technology experts at Intel. Affiliation with Intel lends heightened credibility to your company, it fosters a sense of trust and confidence among your customers, and, it enhances your value as a trusted expert.

Remember Those Perks?

We understand that your time is better spent with customers, so our Partner Marketing Studio can help with some of the heavy lifting. Partner accessible marketing assets include customizable ad kits, infographics, videos, and even templates to help you develop your marketing activities.

And, yes, there are financial perks, too. Be rewarded for your investment in Intel® technology. Accumulate points from qualifying purchases and other activities, and then redeem them for Intel® technology, business travel, demonstration units and more.

Membership Has Even More Benefits

Step one is becoming a Registered member. That opens the door. The next step is to level up to Gold status, which is easy to attain and exposes you to greater benefits, rewards, and access.

At the top tier of the program, Platinum status, you become eligible for exclusive platinum-only events, including the Intel Solutions Summit. This year’s Intel Solutions Summit will be four days packed with partner matchmaking, technology showcases, and deep-dive sessions—exclusively for Platinum partners.

So, if you sell anything with Intel Inside®, you should consider membership—which will cost you nothing, but can earn you plenty. After all, membership has its benefits.