What’s Your Cloud Grade?

How Many Clouds Can You Identify?

Back in grammar school, you learned that there are three main types of clouds: Cirrus, Cumulus and Stratus. Fast forward to today, there are now five more types of clouds you need to commit to memory: public, private, hosted private, hybrid, and cloud-based services, as described here. And, as cloud confidence grows, so too, do the number of enterprise workloads migrating to one, or combination, of these platforms. In fact, a recent Intel® Security survey found that more than 90% of organizations are using Software-, Infrastructure-, or Platform-as-a-Service offerings. Which has led many organizations to lead with a Cloud-First philosophy.

What’s Up With Cloud?

The lure of IT agility, speedy deployments, and expected cost savings makes the cloud too attractive to ignore. Rising sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, and compliance mandates make on-prem IT and private cloud look good. Therefore, it is not surprising that hybrid models are rapidly gaining traction as organizations parcel out certain workloads and keep others on-prem.  In their Cloud Computing Trends: 2017 State of the Cloud Survey, RightScale finds that 85% of enterprises employ a multi-cloud strategy, running applications in 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private clouds, on average.

The Silver Lining for Technology Providers

Many organizations, especially small and mid-sized business lack the expertise to embark on a confident journey to the cloud. Here is where your Intel® Cloud Data Center Specialty Benefits can pay dividends. Among the many benefits of the program, Cloud Data Center Specialists enjoy priority access to Intel® Cloud experts, partner-only resources, invitation-only events, and customer matchmaking. These exclusive benefits can help grow your business and solidify your role as an indispensable asset to your customers.

Additionally, Cloud Data Center Specialists have the ability to compound their Intel® Technology Provider points. Through June 30th, ITPs can earn unlimited points on Cloud Compute Blocks, and Cloud Data Center Specialists can double up.

Learn how you can raise your cloud grade with an Intel® specialization.