Integrating IoT Into Your Business Model To Benefit Customers

Wondering where IoT fits into your business model and how IoT applications may benefit your customers? Read on to become inspired by these innovative and creative IoT-fueled solutions.


Smart Glasses: Connecting the Hands-on Workforce

Hands-free technology is rapidly on the rise in industrial applications, as it quickly connects workers with pertinent information in a matter of a few seconds. Even though the creation and application of smart glasses isn’t particularly new, private partnerships, such as one with Intel, Recon, and APX Labs, have led to the development of smart glasses that can transform daily operations in the workforce while decreasing operational costs and increasing worker productivity.

Industrial: Drones

Commercial Drones Are the New Search and Rescue Rangers

The presence of drones to conduct human-like tasks, such as food deliveries and aerial photography, is increasingly becoming the new norm. But several applications of this innovative technology can now do more than “routine” tasks—drones can save lives and prevent health risks from natural disasters as well.


IoT and the Smart Connected School Bus

IoT hits the road in the bus fleet at the Huntsville, TX, school district with Wi-Fi for students, navigation for drivers, and telematics for mechanics. The Huntsville, TX, Independent School District (ISD) has 6,300 students and spans a whopping 644 square miles. This means two things: its school buses pound out a lot of miles every day, and kids spend a lot of time on the bus.

Smart Cities

San Diego Deploys World’s Largest Smart City IoT Platform

This southern California city is investing $30 million in an open data, IoT sensor platform that will provide networked data for multiple applications. The goals for the network apps include managing street lighting, directing drivers to open parking spaces, helping first responders during an emergency, detecting gunshot locations, optimizing municipal systems and creating real-time environmental awareness.


Healthcare Monitoring Gets Smart with IoT

IoT-enabled devices and solutions applied in the healthcare setting are improving bedside safety, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing overall costs and more. One leading U.S. designer, integrator and service provider of power and technology systems has developed a cutting-edge Virtual Patient Observation System (VPOS) solution.

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