Leverage IoT specialization to expand vertical expertise

There are two ways to approach the Internet of Things as a solution provider:

  1. Become an expert in IoT
  2. Leverage IoT specialization to fortify the expertise you already have in the vertical markets where you excel.

Either way, ‘connected things’ are going to be a greater part of the solutions you build and manage in the future. Develop your expertise, resume, and credibility with an IoT Specialist badge from Intel®.

Where the Wireless Things Are

IoT smart devices reside in factories, businesses, health care facilities, and a growing swath of verticals. They are paving the way to more efficient, real-time inventory tracking; increasing the ability to provide better care; and removing humans from potentially dangerous situations where devices can go instead.

It is estimated that the global worth of IoT technology will be as much as $6.2 trillion in the next 7 or 8 years. Where is all this technology? And, where can you put an IoT specialization to work for you?

IoT in Business and Manufacturing

Business and manufacturing account for greater than 40% of the smart, connected objects. These are present in real-time analytics and equipment, and robotics.

 IoT in Healthcare

IoT in the healthcare industry is exploding with wearable health trackers, electronic medical records, and patient monitoring. This adds up to 30% of the IoT devices.

Retail IoT

Retail applications run the gamut and tally up 8%+ of smart objects. These are in mobile point-of-sale systems, digital signage, real-time inventory management systems, and the Intel® Responsive Retail Platform–that connects every physical and virtual component of retail operations.

IoT Solutions for Security

Digital Security and Surveillance is also a growing area for IoT and makes up nearly 8% of the total deployed IoT technology. Today’s DSS solutions range from enhanced security and loss prevention to the analysis of retail store traffic.

An Intel IoT Specialist designation is exactly what you need to promote your affiliation with Intel and your expertise in providing IoT solutions across verticals.

Learn about Intel IoT specialization and download the Intel IoT partner guide to discover how an Intel IoT specialization can help you deliver next-gen IoT solutions across verticals. Gold and Platinum Intel® Technology Providers can qualify for IoT Specialty Benefits.

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