Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. We’re Better Together

How important is working together? Just ask the Final Four contenders in this year’s March Madness. While being good on your own is impressive, but teamwork–being better together–is a recipe for winning. So, what does technology have to do with March Madness? Right…it’s better when it works together.

 Intel® Puts it Together

Organizations, much like athletes, must be competitive and leverage the most advanced technologies and thoughtful strategies to their advantage. For companies, that means having a fast, adaptable, future-forward IT backbone. Their IT infrastructure needs to give users access to information faster for the ability to serve customers sooner—from any device on the network. Servers based on Intel® Xeon® E3 processors deliver that level of performance for serious competitors.

It’s About The Team

Everyone on the team must contribute in order to win. That is also true in the data center.

Data, the lifeblood of any organization, must be readily available, it must be free from corruption or degradation, it must be protected—and it must meet all these requirements, all the time. And, data storage shouldn’t break the bank. Too much to expect? Not if you’re a bracket buster.

Intel® Data Center SSDs deliver the powerful combination of data integrity, high performance, consistency, and drive reliability. The Intel® Data Center SSD S3520, based on Intel® 3D NAND, has a much lower active write power than the prior generation—more power per watt, lower cost. To up your game, try the Intel® SSD DC P3520 Series, based on NVMe. It is optimized for high density configurations and read-intensive workloads. It enables up to 4.7x the performance of SATA and provides fast data streams directly to the Intel® Xeon® processor, for efficient server data transfers.

With the higher-performance of SSDs, bottlenecks shift from storage to the network if you’re running 1Gbe. Today’s data centers must support more VMs, increasing I/O demands, and massive network traffic. Bench 1GbE and put Intel® 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters in the game.

Raise The Trophy

The team that gets to hoist the game trophy knows how to leverage every asset. For technology providers building and implementing data center solutions, Intel® Server Blocks, along with Windows Server 2016, optimized for Intel’s best-in-class storage, compute and networking technologies provides that winning edge.

It all adds up to being better together.