Intel SMB Server Blocks: Pre-Configured Building Blocks

In today’s digitally-driven economy, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require technology solutions that deliver enterprise-class performance. These customers need technology solutions that are cost effective, simple to manage and can scale with them as they grow. SMB Server Blocks from Intel® make it easier than ever to deliver competitive server solutions to your SMB customers.

SMB Server Blocks pave the way for technology providers to offer easy and cost efficient IT solutions to their customers. With the availability of pre-configured, fully-validated SMB Server Blocks, you have a compelling offer that accelerates time-to-market by utilizing server solutions optimized for the needs of SMBs.

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Business are optimized for specific workloads or business scenarios. SMB Server Block is the fully-validated, unbranded tower configuration. The Entry Server Block, which is also pre-configured and validated, is a rack-based configuration. Both data center blocks enable you to accelerate the delivery of a solution designed to help customers grow, transform their businesses and remain competitive.

Numerous Incentives and Benefits

For Intel® Technology Providers, the benefits add up:

  • Unbranded systems allow you to customize and self-brand the solution
  • Fully validated and pre-certified building blocks reduce time spent on validation and integration
  • Customers are assured by Intel’s reputation for quality and reliability—helping with pre-sales efforts
  • Post-sales confidence is high thanks to Intel’s warranty and support

The formula for technology provider success does not end there. Leveraging Intel engineering and validation resources enables you to reduce both capital and operational costs for your customers. Better yet, with the strength and security imbued in these pre-certified, fully validated systems, your ability to upsell your incremental value-added services becomes readily available.

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