IoT Managed Services About To Explode – Ready To Profit?

There’s great news for Internet of Things (IoT) service providers. Their market is going to jump from $57 billion to $79.6 billion in global value by 2021, says research firm MarketsandMarkets. This represents a red-hot compound annual growth rate of 29.5 percent from 2016-2021.

North America is the epicenter of this IoT managed service market explosion, because of such things as the rapid digitization across industry verticals, the press release accompanying the report notes. Other factors include the growing adoption of smart connected devices, a robust network infrastructure, and the influence of major regional MSPs that offer specialized IoT-friendly services.

Services You Already Provide

You might not know it, but you could be an IoT MSP—or well on your way to being one. How can you tell? The IoT ecosystem requires device, network, data, security, and infrastructure services. These offerings may already be part of your portfolio — but perhaps just not under the official label of “IoT managed services.”

So, with organizations of all types and sizes looking at IoT, this may be a good time to take another look at your MSP practice. As you do, you might want to consider some following tips:

  • Envision your MSP future: The services you now offer may look very different from what you provide in the future. Integrate your MPS offering into new frontiers.
  • Leverage your resources: Learning is the key, here, and a wealth of resources are available to you.
  • Enroll in Intel Technology Provider: Intel’s partner program is the gateway to accessing our depth and breadth of content, enablement, support and business development resources.
  • Benefit from learned lessons: You can increase your technology and business acumen, without necessarily having to expend lot of time and effort. Just tap into Intel’s vast technology and marketing investments and insights pool.

Focus On Your Value

Your MSP success requires you to be more than just a single Intel Technology Provider, however excellent your credentials are. While you are  distinguished as a technology expert, you’ll need to balance selling your brand with your technology partners’ brands.

A competitor may have similar credentials, but doesn’t have the same group of unique experiences that you can bring to the table. Building dedicated expertise in verticals can set you apart. Invest in differentiating your business and in building your brand.

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