Super Intel Technology for Super (Bowl) Experiences

By now you’ve probably seen the television ads featuring Tom Brady going about his morning rituals. Have you noticed that it is shot in 360-degree views? The 30-second spot, “Brady Everyday,” showcases how Intel® 360 replay technology is transforming the sports viewing experience. The same replay technology that will be featured in this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast was used in making the Intel® commercial of Brady’s morning routine. In case you haven’t seen it, the full commercial is available on YouTube.


Intel 360 replay technology is cutting edge stuff.  You’ll actually see it while you’re watching the game. A system of HD cameras positioned around the sporting venue and Intel®-based servers capture and create a 3D rendering of any moment on the field for an immersive replay experience. It enables broadcasters to pause key moments in the game and view the action in 3D from any angle.

Using Intel 360 Replay Technology Inside to Create Amazing Experiences Outside

Intel has built the foundation to take sports and technology to new heights with solutions that will allow fans to experience the game as if they were actually there. But it’s not just the fans that benefit from this. Intel 360-degree replay technology is also transforming the business of sports. Imagine how this is now a game-changer for the athletes, teams, scouts, coaches and broadcasters.

Better yet, this technology is not just for sports and entertainment.  It has broad application across various industries. It can create profound advantages in industries such as medicine, law enforcement, retail and manufacturing, to name a few. For technology providers, these digital video applications are quick to implement and easy to install. All that’s needed are high-end cameras, ample computing power and the software to piece all the angles together. Then the video just needs to stream uninterrupted over the Internet.

Find out more about 360-degree replay technology here. And, good luck in your Super Bowl pool!