7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors-Phase 2

Shipping as of Q4’16, there are more than 100 designs based on 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. These include ultrathin notebooks, amazing 2 in 1s and convertible laptops. Built on 14nm process technology, the 7th gen delivers remarkable performance gains over previous processor generations. Consider that many PCs are in service for four or five years. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would be hard pressed to tell you what was “in” five years ago. And chances are, whatever was in is probably out now—or enhanced to some exponential degree. Meaning, PCs that were built for the compute needs of four or five years ago, are not nearly as efficient as the ones built for the demands of today.


7th Gen Today

Today’s PC products based on 7th gen leap ahead in terms of productivity, performance and responsiveness. They can support more innovative—and desirable—designs. Compared to a 5-year old PC, users can get can work done 1.7x faster, create content 8.6x faster, and enhance game play by 3x. Plus, these devices offer

  • 10x efficiency performance per watt
  • Double-digit performance gains from gen to gen
  • Compelling business reasons for PC refresh

Speaking of reasons to refresh, video continues to dominate. This will continue to grow with the rise of 4K UHD. With 7th gen-based PCs, users can create in 4K UHD must faster than before. For example, converting a one-hour long 4K UHD video on a 7th gen machine takes 12 minutes. That’s 6.8x faster than it takes on a 5-year old PC.

See you in January

In the next several weeks, we will be seeing phase two of the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (Kaby Lake) launch. In this second wave, there will be more products releasing for the enterprise with Intel® vPro™ technology, for workstations, and enthusiast notebooks and desktops. These new form factors and designs will complement what is in market today—products that are primarily aimed at consumer and small business segments.

Also, in the second launch phase, and beyond, you’ll see more and more security embedded into the hardware. Intel® Authenticate Technology will be coming to market in 7th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™-based devices in January. The solution relies on many different forms of authentication. The technology allows IT managers to define and set different levels of authentication.

In early 2017, also look for 7th gen “K” SKUs (unlocked for overclocking), 7th gen-based NUCs and vPro-based NUCs with 7th gen coming later in 2017.

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