Don’t Miss Intel® Virtual Technology Conference

The Intel® Virtual Technology Conference is tomorrow, November 2, 2016. It is free to attend. Simply register here and login tomorrow at 7:00AM PDT | 10:00AM EDT.

Join Intel® experts to get insight on the latest technologies that are sure to affect your business in the coming months and year. This one-day virtual event features sessions and demos for Data Center, Client, SSD and IoT. Plus, get updates that every Intel® Technology Provider should know to make the most out of today’s selling opportunities.

SSD Tracks

Learn about the latest in 3D NAND Solid-State Drive technology from Intel. We will showcase SSD advancements for both client and data center systems. See why SSDs are quickly replacing HDDs and how Intel is helping to accelerate the transition to PCIe NVMe.

Learn how Intel® Cache Acceleration Software and the Intel® Storage Performance Snapshot Tool impact server performance and usage. We’ll talk about how to manage NVMe and SSD drives for higher utilization.

An overview of Intel’s newest client PCIe M.2 SSDs, the Intel® SSD 6 Series, will include a demonstration of a RAID solution using two Intel SSD 600p 512GB SKUs in a Skull Canyon Intel NUC.

Client PC Sessions

Learn how new form factors with 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 10 are helping to drive PC refresh. Plus, get a view of upcoming 7th gen core (Kaby Lake) business client systems launching early next year, and what the competitive landscape looks like.

Look at ways to increase your services revenues with Intel® vPro™ technology. We’ll talk about 3 new ways to deploy and increase your monthly recurring revenue with the Intel® vPro-based solutions you already sell today.

IoT Focus

Are you interested in learning more about the IoT opportunity in smart buildings and how it could help grow your business?  Smart building technology isn’t just for cutting-edge skyscrapers. Now buildings of every size and age can take advantage of intelligent building management. Join us to learn how Intel® and partners like Dell are accelerating development of smart building solutions.

See how IoT digital surveillance and security systems are turning ordinary activities at home and work into extraordinary experiences. Learn about Intel’s video technology and offerings which enable dynamic, distributed intelligence from edge devices to gateways and cloud.

But wait…There’s More

Cloud and data center topics will be an important part of the day. Read more about what’s in store for Cloud and Data CenterSee the complete agenda here.

And, get a valuable added bonus. When you attend the Intel® Virtual Technology Conference you can earn 50 training credits to elevate from Registered status to Gold status.

We’ll see you online tomorrow!