Cloud Topics Featured at Intel Technology Virtual Conference

Intel® Virtual Technology Conference – November 2, 2016

Getting to Gold status in Intel® Technology Provider is the icing on the cake when you attend the Intel® Virtual Technology Conference.  That’s right. In one day you can earn 50 training credits to elevate from Registered status to Gold status.  More on why that’s reason enough to attend later …

The Intel® Virtual Technology Conference is a fabulous way to engage with subject matter experts from Intel®. You will learn not only what’s new in technology, but how these advances are highly beneficial for your customers right now.

For example, everyone is talking about cloud. But the most important thing to talk to your customers about is where they will derive value from cloud implementations, when they’ll realize positive ROI and exactly what does the right implementation look like for their business. The Technology Keynote: Intel IT Perspective on the Business Benefits of Hybrid Cloud (presented by Ramya Raj, Intel IT Director) will share examples of the business benefits that Intel itself has realized as a result of its recent cloud implementations. We’ll outline the value of hybrid cloud and help you build the case for why your customers need these solutions today.


These are some of the sessions you can attend (at no cost, by the way.)

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud? How to Sell the Right Data Center Solution

This session is geared toward preparing salespeople to have high-level business conversations with their customers. We’ll look at relevant market data and Intel’s own experiences with global enterprises and national-level customers. We’ll provide a product agnostic view of the marketplace from open source directions to vendor turnkey solutions, explaining the key differences in convergence and hyper convergence which are available today.

Future-proof Your SMB Datacenters with a Server Refresh

Business applications are becoming more sophisticated and require more computing horsepower to perform well. Your goal is to provide the highest performance and most secure hardware and software you can get to support business processing, local storage and virtualization demands as they grow. This training will review the different scenarios driving refresh and highlight new Windows Server* 2016 features enabling more security and cloud ready platform.

I encourage you to register to attend for these, and many more, valuable sessions. We will also feature the latest in 3D NAND Solid-State Drive technology from Intel, look at ways to increase services revenues with Intel® vPro™ technology, examine the new Intel® Xeon® Phi™ processor and Intel® Omni-Path Fabric, and so much more! You can see the complete agenda here.

Now, back to Gold. As an Intel® Technology Provider, Gold status is required to redeem your points for Intel product purchases and other rewards. By attending the Intel® Virtual Technology Conference you can earn the 50 training credits you need to go from Registered to Gold — in one day! Besides earning credits, you are getting an extremely valuable education that will help you find, win and retain more business.

Please join me on November 2nd. I look forward to seeing you (virtually)!