Think you know Compute Stick? Look again. It may surprise you.

The Little Compute Stick Has Big New Things to Offer

How many people have to be needlessly tortured in a conference room waiting for a presenter to get it together? Why must road weary business travelers endure a laptop-weighted backpack? Can’t we live in a world where potted plants don’t have to camouflage home theater installations? Now, you have the ability to put an end to these, and other frustrations. With the expanded line up of the mini, but powerful, Intel® Compute Stick, you have even more power-packed options.

The Intel Compute Stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum that plugs into an HDMI TV or display and transforms it into a computer. Available with a range of Intel® processors, it’s everything you love about a desktop PC but in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Connect. Compute. It’s just that simple.

compute stick

There are many instances where the Intel Compute Stick can help transform your customers’ businesses—or your own business! Its compact size makes it a super-mobile option for travelers. Lower-priced models are ideal for classrooms and thin client uses. Units with Intel® vPro™ technology are excellent choices for installations that you need to manage remotely.

The Compute Stick family has expanded to give you more options and possibilities. On the lower end, you have sub $50 Intel® Atom™ processor-based units with a Linux OS. On the higher end, at sub $500, you have the newest Intel Compute Stick with 6th Gen Intel® Core™ m processors with Intel® vPro™ technology and Windows® 10 OS. And, there’s a full range of configurations in the middle.

If You Think You Know Compute Stick, Take Another Look

The range of models and price points now available give you more options to add on your services and delight your customers. How many of your customers could benefit from this solution? Explore new applications for the conference room. Enable complete mobility in the healthcare space—and all other industries that are prone to portable workspaces. Put an affordable and impactful marketing tool in the hands of your customers via digital signage. With the first Compute Sticks with Intel® Core™ m processors featuring options for Windows® 10, fast wireless connectivity, 3 USB ports and built-in Bluetooth, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Connect your customers with new ways to compute by August 31, 2016 and collect 500 points.