The Perfect Triple Play for Technology Providers

Intel® Solid-State Drives are a Win-Win-Win

How often does the opportunity present itself to get three for the price of one?  It’s actually your customers that receive the benefits.  But, isn’t that the idea? Intel® Solid-State Drives (SSDs) deliver the winning combination.

You have customers that are still relying on hard disk drives for their data storage needs. These customers are sacrificing performance and manageability while leaving their organizations open to potentially devastating security vulnerabilities. They are simultaneously bleeding money as a result of the inefficient use of power that HDDs are known for.

Intel Solid-State Drives

Wouldn’t it be great to help your customers get all these benefits at once:

  • Lightning-fast business performance
  • Iron-clad enterprise security
  • Power savings that pay for these first two (and is the gift that keeps on giving!)

Three for the price of one!

Intel SSD solutions are custom-built to solve your customers’ biggest storage and data issues. At the same time, data is protected from breaches and losses. Made to work seamlessly with Intel chipsets, drivers and other components, Intel SSDs enable you to ensure your customers the best possible performance day in, day out.  And, with SSDs requiring a fraction of the power needed to drive HDDs, you’ll find that swapping out customer HDDs for Intel SSDs will enable cost savings that pays high ROI.

Intel’s family of SSDs are right for all your customers—with Business Client SSDs, the new Intel® SSD Pro 5400S series, and always available, always fast Intel® SSD Data Center family with Intel’s leading NVMe technology in the new D3700/3600 series.

There’s one more win for Intel Technology Providers. Think of the managed services that you can layer on by migrating your customers to SSD storage. You can remotely manage passwords and proactively monitor drive health and performance—even easily repurpose a drive with Intel® Remote Secure Erase.

Drive up storage and system performance for your customers—and earn points for yourself with Intel Solid-State Drives. You can earn up to 20 points on qualifying purchases of select systems with Intel SSDs—for up to 10,000 total points. Take advantage of this exclusive points promotion through September 30, 2016.