Focus on Education Part 4: Why Care About the Curriculum?

Around the world, digital technologies are demonstrating their ability to empower educators in their mission to develop the next generation of lifelong learners, innovators and global citizens.  Student learning is undergoing the most profound paradigm shift that the education industry has seen in quite some time. Learning is rapidly moving toward student-centered learning and becoming less teacher-directed as a result of technology in education. (Think more collaboration and less lecture.) The educational model and the learning environment has been forever altered. And, this shift brings with it an enormous opportunity for solution providers with education specialties to facilitate this trend and drive their hardware/software and services revenues.

In an online learning environment, technology replaces—or augments—the traditional teacher lecture with real time student-to-teacher interactivity—along with student-to-student interactive learning. This integration of eLearning technologies is an important approach in teaching strategy—and, in turn, has made the teacher a key influencer in education technology decision-making.

Achieving the promise of educational technology requires more than simply deploying devices. If initiatives focus too much on technology and not enough on the actual curriculum and teacher/student usage, the results will be disappointing. Teachers now share responsibility for driving these transformative initiatives that facilitate the necessary changes in professional learning, curricular planning, assessment and evaluation. For the education solution provider, the opportunity to provide technology guidance and information to this key group of emerging decision influencers has never been more important to your business.

In the past, when selling technology to educators, it was enough to call on the IT administrators and the school officials. This is no longer the case as the technology being implemented is selected and driven by those who determine the digital curriculum. As such, it is imperative that you influence the key influencer [the teacher] in this new paradigm.

Intel is deeply committed to helping drive education transformation with resources for both you and your customers. Created by educators, for educators, our resources are designed to help you to help passionate teachers integrate technology effectively into their curriculum to engage students and help them reach their full potential.

In addition to a vast array of resources on Intel Education, this guide, Transforming Education for the Next Generation shares insights, perspectives and practical strategies from education leaders and visionaries around the world, along with tips, tactics and case studies drawn from Intel’s work with teachers, education systems and governments in over 100 countries. The Intel® Technology Provider Education Partner Guide describes the “how-to” and tier benefits for education partners, and explains how to maximize membership with our new Education Specialty Benefits.

With a solid understanding of what can be achieved—and how to help educators actually do it—you can become an indispensable partner to your customers.