Focus on Education Part 2: Smart Devices Enable Better Outcomes

Mobile technology is ubiquitous. So much so that many desktops have now taken their place alongside the pen and paper in a student’s educational toolkit. Smart mobile devices are helping to enable better outcomes.

More and more, mobile devices including Intel® -based 2 in 1s, Chromebooks, and Tablets are helping students and teachers alike. Students can access materials that help to ignite their creativity; enable them to collaborate with other students and their teachers; and complete assignments in more imaginative and thoughtful ways. For teachers, mobile devices help them stay connected to their students [and parents]; allow them the ability to build interactive and immersive curriculum to keep students engaged; and enables them to streamline administrative portions of their jobs to focus more time on teaching.

By helping your customers fully adopt the digital classroom—and specifically, the mobile classroom—you can expose them to a more immersive and collaborative learning environment. As technology becomes more deeply integrated with education, schools are shifting from PC labs to more personalized learning—which expands the variety of devices in use.

Choosing the Right Device for Education

This guide: Good, Better, Best: How to Choose the Right Device for Education can help you recommend the most appropriate technology for various settings: School Station, Labs, In-Class and Personal 1:1 Learning.

Intel-based mobile devices provide greater compatibility with the wide range of devices and operating systems that teachers and students bring to school.  Everyone can do more on devices with Intel Inside®. They unlock the full Windows 10 experience, are compatible with Windows Store apps and familiar desktop apps. And, Intel processor-based devices work within new and existing environments for greater functionality and economy:

  • Wirelessly connect to a broad range of displays
  • Make the most of existing equipment
  • Stream high-quality video
  • Save time with rapidly responsive devices

Intel has been transforming learning in real-world classrooms for more than a decade in more than 100 countries. Our comprehensive education solutions go beyond devices and infrastructure to include professional learning for teachers, proven content for students, and software that builds real-world learning skills.

Leverage your status as an Intel Technology Provider to take full advantage of Education Specialty Benefits that offer you access to pre-sales technical support, a specialist designation, educator professional development resources and opportunities to earn additional points. The knowledge, tools, and co-selling materials available to you will help keep you ahead of the competition and keep your customers coming back.