The operative word in IoT Solution is still ‘Solution’

Customers seek you out to deliver solutions—solutions that make their employees’ jobs easier or at least more efficient; or enhance some aspect of people’s lives, like monitoring health and wellness; or provide a heightened sense of security or comfort. So, while your phone doesn’t necessarily ring with customers specifically asking you for IoT solutions, you might well specify and implement solutions that are very much a part of the Internet of Things—even if your customers don’t know it. This is one more reason why partners are so important to the success of IoT.

Take for example, a friend who recently told me that he was having a surveillance system installed so that he could monitor his property while he was away. He was proud to say that he could simply pull up an app on his phone to see live video and that he could capture and record footage if he suspected unauthorized entry. And, while he knew exactly what he wanted from the solution—the ability to monitor and secure his property—he had no idea that what he was asking for from his solution provider was an IoT solution. [By the way, surveillance and home automation are burgeoning markets. Read more here.]

The point is, the need for solutions is still what drives your business forward—and is what will drive your IoT business well into the future.

Education enables your success

Intel can help you create and deliver IoT solutions with more than just our products. The Intel Technology Provider website is the perfect place to start. Here you can gather insight into IoT solutions by vertical segments like energy, industrial, retail, smart buildings and others. You can also get familiar with specific horizontal applications, such as security and surveillance, as well as learn about the all-important network and cloud infrastructure that supports the IoT. And, you can visit the Intel® Solution Finder for a unique marketplace experience where Intel Technology Providers from around the globe share products and solutions.

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