IoT and Other Keywords for Solution Providers

Who doesn’t love keywords, especially when they are around IoT and they appear in an infographic? SPs for IoT [@Intel_SPsforIoT] tweeted this infographic from Business Insider about ‘How the Internet of Things will explode by 2020’. While there is a lot of data in this infographic that should get you pumped about the opportunities, this section struck me as having some really important keywords for Solution Providers.


Keyword: Device

The Internet of Things requires, well, ‘Things’, to work. Many of those things are the Intel®-based mobile devices that you are selling today. Intel-based tablets and 2 in 1s, mobile POS systems, and Intel® Compute Stick – all of these are examples of mobile devices that are integral to the IoT solutions that you can create and sell today. Read more about IoT for Retail in this related post.

Keyword: Data Storage

The vast amounts of data generated from the IoT ecosystem has to be collected and safely stored somewhere. It calls for data centers to have reliable, scalable storage systems with high performance capabilities. Intel® next generation storage solutions are the core of today’s software-defined data centers.

Keyword: Analytics

What does your customer do with all the data that’s been generated from an IoT implementation? Gather business intelligence, of course. Herein lies another opportunity to integrate analytics and BI into your solutions to derive real business value for a customer. Read how the RFID tag plus IoT ignites a retail makeover.

There are more important keywords for Solution Providers including Application Development, System Integration, Security and Connectivity. The point is, IoT holds a lot of opportunity for Intel Technology Providers like you. Running the gamut from infrastructure to transportation and smart buildings to connected homes – consumers, businesses and government entities are adopting more IoT solutions to gain more efficiencies, improve services and enjoy more conveniences – faster than ever before.

Now is the time to map your strategy to build your business in and around IoT. Stay in touch with the IoT Solution Provider community and share your success stories.