Build Your Business In and Around IoT

Smart buildings, autonomous vehicles, wearables, personalized shopping—the applications for IoT are, quite literally, everywhere. As this trend continues to expand and proliferate, how will you profit from it?

Understand how IoT fits into your areas of specialization

Whether your focus is on horizontal solutions or vertical markets, you can build your business in and around IoT.

Are you an expert in security and surveillance? This is one of many areas where IoT offers opportunities. For example, digital surveillance provides security to help reduce theft, deter unlawful behavior, monitor people or property and aid in emergency situations. But with intelligent systems in the Internet of Things, it can do so much more. It can help drive key business decisions like staffing requirements and product placement, or help businesses better understand customer behavior—very real benefits for your clients.

Do you work with customers in entertainment or hospitality sectors? IoT continues to make transformational inroads into these and countless other industries. Take the super-connected stadium, for instance. In order to compete with the comforts and convenience (and connectedness) of home, sports complexes have to up their game. Smart stadiums can enhance the fan experience from the time they enter the parking lot—with information on where to find a spot, to snack time—directing them to the shortest concession line, to game time—with interactive seats and real-time access to stats. This is done cost-effectively by networking sensors and existing systems in the stadium using IoT technologies.

How can you leverage your specialization and expertise to integrate IoT solutions into your business? Check out the Intel Solution Finder and discover opportunities in more industries.



Brush up on sales-enabling training

Needs differ from one customer and market to the next. Be prepared to confidently address your customers’ needs and proactively recommend solutions—including IoT­—that can propel their businesses forward.

Training is an integral benefit for all Intel® Technology Providers and offers you an advantage over your competition. Market Smart for Education and Healthcare offers courses designed for market-specific training, knowledge and tools to help you successfully sell into these fast-growth segments. Blueprints and case studies can inspire you to create your first, or next, IoT solution. And, specialty benefits, like IoT Retail Specialty Benefits provided added support, recognition and other business-building rewards.

The Internet of Things is driving innovation. What can you do?