MSP vPro Success Stories Part 2: Transitioning to Managed Services

Change can be hard. Transitioning your business can be intimidating and more than just a little bit frightening. But, as markets mature and evolve, so too must businesses of all kinds, including yours if you sell and manage technology. The good news is that change can also be really exciting and highly rewarding if you approach it in the right way. Here’s how one Intel® Technology Provider is successfully transitioning to managed services.

For nearly two decades, h2 Global, Inc. has been in the business of of servicing small and medium business customers as a traditional PC reseller and break-fix shop. Like many other small shops, word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is what drives their business. So, anything that can help improve their customers’ satisfaction is good for their business. For h2 Global, part of the improvement was to move their customers to a managed services model and deploy Intel vPro-based PCs.

Better Service, Greater Reach

Intel vPro technology’s capabilities have a radical impact on h2 Global’s business. Along with their chosen Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) platform, vPro gives them enormous leverage to go from managing 200 systems to a couple thousand systems with relative ease. They also can leverage the Intel vPro Navigator, an online deployment guide, which helps speed deployment time. For a small company, it would seem impossible to scale at this rate without crushing overhead costs. However, vPro, vPro Navigator and their RMM platform give them the ability to service customers remotely and significantly streamline PC management tasks to achieve high levels of growth without extra overhead.

Recurring Revenue

The built-in management capabilities of vPro enable h2 Global to adopt a flat-rate, recurring revenue model which they say is mutually beneficial. Their customers know what to expect and have peace of mind knowing that their IT assets are proactively managed and maintained for maximum uptime. And, while h2 Global recognizes that not all of their SMB customers will adopt vPro-based PCs, they are setting their sights on those who do – and who understand the value of business-grade IT assets.

Talk to your Intel Technology Provider representative about how vPro technology can usher in positive change for your business.

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