Workplace Transformation Part 3: The Modern Classroom

You may not immediately think of a classroom as a workplace, but there’s no arguing about the amount of work that takes place in a classroom setting. From the student body, to the faculty, to the administrators and support staff, there’s great dependence on technology to get the day’s work done. And as our digital lives transform, the modern classroom must undergo a workplace transformation to keep pace.

Your education customers are faced with a broad array of questions to be asked and answered, budgets to manage, justifications to be made – a daunting task to face alone. As an Intel Technology Provider, you can teach your customers a thing or two about the benefits of the well-connected classroom and selecting the right devices for K-12 through to higher education. Beyond Chromebooks, new technologies are on the march in education. Maximize your knowledge and expertise with a market specialization in Education.

education specialty benefits

Education Specialty Benefits give you the upper hand in classroom workplace transformation. Add an Intel Education Specialist designation to bolster your professional profile and fast track your way to expanded business opportunities in the burgeoning education category.

Did you know there’s a wealth of resources and online professional development courses for educators on Add more value for your customers with support from Intel.