#TechConnect Dec 16 Chat Recap: “What’s New in Intel Data Centers for the Channel”

470x394-14Thanks again to over 20 attendees who participated in Tech Connect Chat about Data Centers on Wednesday, December 16 at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT.

We had a great discussion on the ongoing rapid evolution and growth from the recently launched Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 – 1200 v5 Family and what to expect from the Intel® Xeon® Processer E5 Family.

Intel’s Data Center Group which included Wagner Diaz, Worldwide Data Center Cloud Channel Product Marketing Manager, Steve Cook, Technical Marketing Engineer, Eileen Clary, Worldwide Data Center Product Marketing Manager, and others, led the discussion.

Here are some highlights from the chat:

(1) Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 – 1200 v5 Family

  • Bruce B.: When are the E3 v5 processors and Intel brand motherboards going to be available?
  • Eileen C. Clary (Intel): @ Bruce. The E3 v5 CPU SKUs were launched in early October and are shipping through distributors already.
  • Bruce B.: How about the motherboards?
  • Steven Cook (Intel): Intel® Server Board S1200SPL & Intel® Server Board S1200SPS have launched to support these processors.
  • Eileen C. Clary (Intel): You can always find the spec info for each intel.com
  • Bruce B.: Are they in distribution now?
  • Eileen C. Clary (Intel): Yes, they should be but if you find that’s not the case, please let us or your local rep know.
  • Steven Cook (Intel): Here’s a bit.ly link to the motherboard information page at www.intel.com: http://intel.ly/1TQflx4
  • George F: Is the new E3 V5 compatible with the V3 motherboards?
  • Josh Kelly (Intel): @George F.: No, The Xeon E3 V5 is a new socket.
  • Kevin G: I’m looking for a building block I can use for High end Graphics users and data storage and also my E5 line.
  • Steven Cook (Intel): This is a pretty broad question, which we could go on about for hours with you. 🙂
  • Kevin G: In my area of Detroit, it’s all high-end now. Wanting to go 10 gig and 4 or more 4K screens.
  • Steven Cook (Intel): @Kevin – Can you provide a bit more detail about your use case?
  • Kevin G: I’m trying to move from Building data centers to adding high-end users
  • James Vogeltanz (Intel): @ Kevin G. – The biggest value for customers migrating to Xeon E3 v5 is larger memory support, of course higher CPU performance, and significant graphics processing increases for workstation and video encoding-type workloads.
  • Kevin G: I have a Great current base of E3 v3/4 and E5 V3 looking into what Value I can achieve moving to E3 v5.
  • James Vogeltanz (Intel): @ Kevin G. – The biggest value for customers migrating to Xeon E3 v5 is larger memory support, of course higher cpu performance, and significant graphics processing increases for workstation and video encoding-type workloads. Your customers currently on Xeon E5 v3 will not see any advantage of moving to Xeon E3 v5. We will have a new version of Xeon E5 coming shortly that would be the best transition target for those customers.

(2) Trends in Servers

  • Hank Lea (Intel) : Quick question for attendees: What Server/Cloud Solutions are your customers asking about? Are you selling into SMB or Enterprise?
  • John H: All of our clients are already on server/cloud solutions… SMB.
  • Eileen C. Clary (Intel): In the SMB space, our market intelligence tells us SMB need help for implementing a cloud strategy as well as when on-site is appropriate. In the coming year, there will still be very demand for servers for on-prem.
  • Raymond H: Hybrid solutions with local storage maintained as newest available – cloud seems to be seen for storage rather than active server site.
  • George D: Private cloud, a few of my customers are moving away from mixed mode cloud.
  • Hank Lea (Intel): @George D. What are the primary apps running in the Private Cloud?
  • George D: I had 2 move back for a hosted email env. back to an on premises env. a move to onsite backup.
  • Lloyd B: What key business trends are you observing that lend themselves to these processors? What is resonating with customers that can spark engaging discussions?
  • James Vogeltanz (Intel): @Lloyd The Latest Intel Xeon E3 v5 processors are great for customers wanting more performance for workstations and server workloads for SMB end-users and doubling the memory support going from 32GB of DDR3 to 64GB of DDR4.
  • Raymond H: SMB space seems ripe for small data centers on prem. sounds strange but I see increased mobility, confidence in locally maintained security and systems along with powerful and affordable systems driving increased investment in local computing installations.
  • James (Intel) Vogeltanz: @Lloyd – we also have emerging workloads for utilizing processor graphics of the Intel Xeon E3 processors for new workloads of video encoding/decoding. Many customers are also excited about the increase in memory support going from 32GB DDR3 to 64GB DDR4 on the latest Intel Xeon processor E3v5.

(3) Installing and configuring new servers:

  • Raymond H: I’m curious about installation issues for new version processors vs. cost efficiency of buying new servers. Can you talk about upgrade issues – other mobo devices needed? etc.?
  • Eileen C. Clary (Intel): @Raymond H: This data applies to server purposes, rather than focused storage applications.
  • Prakash P : [For] my customers concerns are security and data breach?
  • Wagner Diaz (Intel): @Prakash. We have a great selection of Enterprise Security options with Intel Security (McAfee products)
  • Lloyd B: How well do the new offerings lend themselves to hyperconverged configurations?
  • Steven Cook (Intel): @Lloyd – depends on your solution space; Intel has a VMWare EVO::RAIL certified solution coming in the near future, but it is based on E5 processors, not E3 processors; we do not have a full solution in the hyperconverged space based on E3 at this time.
  • Lloyd B: Thank you.
  • James Vogeltanz (Intel): @Lloyd – We do have OEMs that offer Hyper-converged solutions with choice of Intel Atom or Intel Xeon E3 CPUs for certain types of hosting workload models.

(4) Resources:

Thanks again for a great conversation – chat with you all again soon!

Hank Lea