It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

At least that’s what the iconic back-to-school commercial says. I know a few kids who would disagree. However, in truth, there are a lot of fun and exciting things about back-to-school, besides the new outfits.

The back-to-school season is a fresh start. We look at it with eager anticipation for what’s possible, what new challenges will be faced, and what triumphs will be achieved. It’s the perfect time to think about what our kids need to succeed, to prepare them for life outside of the classroom. It’s also an ideal time to talk to your customers in the education sector about the benefits of Intel®-based 2 in 1 devices.

Learning in the 21st century is connected, mobile, and on-demand. In education, mobile computing has the potential to raise productivity and improve learning both inside and outside classrooms.1 Schools worldwide are undergoing an exciting metamorphosis as mobile technology becomes an integral part of everyday teaching and learning.

The new 2 in 1 devices blend the performance benefits of Intel® architecture with exceptional tablet mobility and extraordinary batter life into one incredibly versatile, highly capable device. Touch-enabled devices further enhance the learning experience with the addition of digital pens. With greater precision than a fingertip or a blunt-tip stylus, digital pens allow students to draw, write, highlight, annotate and, overall, have a more natural writing experience.



The 2 in 1 offers the flexibility of a tablet when the student wants one or a laptop when she needs one. The input flexibility of touch-enabled devices is similar in that the student can have a keyboard, a digital pen, or even use his fingertip depending on the task at hand.

Another important benefit to your customers – and even more important, to the students and teachers – is device standardization. While many schools have a BYOD policy, the fact is that the proliferation of disparate devices, operating systems and apps can lead to content decay. The degradation from incompatible systems can cause confusion, frustration and diminish the learning experience. Standardizing on Intel-based devices with Windows 8 and Office applications, the gold standard for education, can largely eliminate these kinds of problems.

With the perfect merger of form, function, and fun, students can have the freedom to roam and explore, plus the power to perform.

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It really is a wonderful time of the year!


1 McKinsey Global Institute, “Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy,” 2013.