#4thGenCoreRefresh Chat 4 Recap – “Choosing Optimal Mobile Device for Your Business Customers”

DR July 22 FB ImageDominance Reborn: the New 4th Gen Core Processors for Enthusiasts Chat Series wrapped up on Tuesday, July 22.  Intel Technology Provider had the conversation hosted on the blog chat page with thirty participants and four chat hosts, Intel®’s Roger Corell, Jim Loveridge, Michael O’Sullivan, Brittany Noufer and David Stark.

The chat hosts lead the discussion about Choosing Optimal Mobile Device for Your Business Customers.

See the highlights from the chat below:

(1)       4th Gen Core’s New Features:

[slideshare id=37090591&doc=choosingoptimalmobiledeviceforbusinesscustomers-140717094141-phpapp01&type=d]

  • @Hamtones: Interested in knowing what is new with 4th gen core refresh…
  • Dan Wright: What are the selling advantages of 4th gen over 3rd gen?
  • Roger Corell: @dan @hamtones re: 4th gen core – run business productivity apps 2x faster, longer battery life, enables thinner designs, etc.

(2)       Mobile in Healthcare and Transportation

  • Larry Leathers: Hello, everyone. I’m here in healthcare IT looking for a marketing angle in the mobile space.
  • Roger Corell: @larry we see healthcare adopting mobile to improve patient care, improve data accuracy.
  • Vincent Robinson: Yes the main adopters of mobile for us are medical so far.
  • @XDAGarwynn: What are you guys recommending for transportation segment?
  • Jim Loveridge: @XDAGarwynn.  For transportation, what are the usages of the transportation customer I will send a link that can help: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/small-business/small-medium-business-technology-asset-recommendation-tool.html
  • @XDAGarwynn: @Jim – Thinking in-cab/real time dispatch updates.
  • Jim Loveridge: @XDAGarwynn.  In cab — consumption/simple compute–a tablet is good, for more compute–a 2-in-1 may be better.

(3)       Mobile in the business sector:

  • Mark Barber: What are you finding works for small municipalities and how are they being used?
  • Roger Corell: @Mark Barber What is the workflow and usage needs of your small municipality customers.  That really drives whether tablet, 2-in-1 or notebook.
  • Mark Barber: I see notebooks are replacing desktop for office management but a 2-in-1 would fill needs of many mobile supervisor positions.
  • Jim Loveridge: @Mark Barber. 2-in-1 is great for many mobile supervisors, replacing a laptop. Cab work GPS mapping is critical–tablets and 2-in-1s do this function. Android tablet R good–many apps for other functions.
  • Erik Petersen: In our area, the adoption of mobile is virtually nil in the business sector. (Largely Retail, Hospitality and Food Service)
  • Dan Wright: I see SMB in my area not moving to mobile due to the perception of incompatibility with their current antiquated systems (they may be right).
  • Intel®’s 2-in-1 Page: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/2-in-1/laptop-tablet.html

Thanks to all the Intel Technology Providers who participated in the series and congratulations to all those who won an Intel® NUC!



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