#4thGenCoreRefresh Chat 2 Recap – “Asus* 9 Series Board Update”

DR July 8 FB ImageIntel® Technology Provider continued the Dominance Reborn: the New 4th Gen Core Processors for Enthusiasts Chat Series on Tuesday, July 8. Thanks to all who joined the conversation on the blog chat page, we had over 50 participants this round!

Asus’s team – Dennis Pang, ASUS* North America Product Marketing Manager, Vivian Lien, ASUS* North America VP of Marketing and Johnny Feng, ASUS* Motherboard Product Manager lead the conversation about Asus* 9 Series Board Update for Enthusiasts.

Here is a recap of the chat:

(1)    Updates with the Asus* Motherboard:

  • Johnny Feng: In regards to Motherboards, ASUS prides itself on having the whole product mix available so user has the best options… we have all the new chipsets (Z97, H97), along with Z87, H87, B85, Q87, etc., with multiple SKUs in each chipset ranging from cost effective boards to enthusiast/gaming boards.
  • Gary Swinn: @Dennis: We use to build on your boards in the early 90’s before Intel had boards, Asus sure has come a long way!
  • John Ori: What are the additional features?
  • Dennis Pang: @John this will vary from board to board, but in general, we try to incorporate what we call ‘N+1’ to all our boards. This might vary from Auto-tuning for automatic overclocking in our 5-Way Optimization to discrete-class audio onboard.
  • Andrew Tang: Can you talk about reliability improvements between a motherboard from today vs. one from when you went all polymer cap c. 5 yr ago?
  • Dennis Pang: @Andrew in general there’s much more attention to detail for individual components. For example, most of our boards now utilize 5K all solid capacitors and we even have the world’s first 12K caps on our Z97-WS workstation motherboard.
  • Andrew Tang: @Dennis, how does that translate to life expectancy?
  • Dennis Pang: Keeping capacitors intact is one of the most important determiners of life expectancy.

(2)    Asus 4th Gen Core Refresh Resources:

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Irene Huang, Gigabyte USA Marketing Manager, Sam Huang, Gigabyte USA Channel Marketing Specialist, Leon Chen, Gigabyte USA Public Relations Manager and David Bradshaw, Intel® Channel Product Manager will host the next chat topic, Gigabyte* 9 Series Board Update for Enthusiasts on July 15, 1 p.m. EDT/ 10 a.m. PDT.



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