#ServerSmart – Chat 6 Recap: From Traditional IT to Private Cloud

ServerSmart - June 26 ImageThanks to all who participated in our #ServerSmart chat seriesThe last discussion occurred on Thursday, June 26, 2014 on the blog chat page.

Intel® Cloud Team’s Justin Vanburen, Lawrence Chiu, Robin Drummond, and Marc Almgren hosted the discussion about From Traditional IT to Private Cloud.

Here are highlights from that chat:

(1)    Intel® Cloud Overview Resources:

(2)    Public vs. Private Cloud:

  • @mn3umonic (Lawrence Chiu): Both public and private can be great. often times, with customers I work with, it comes down to workload.
  • Robin Drummond: Intel works with various Private Cloud service / technology providers, Microsoft, VMware, OpenStack players, etc.
  • Jay Survil: Question I get a lot from clients is about moving what types of workloads to pub clouds – ok with NonProd but still concerned about Prod
  • @Molacc: Private cloud is preffered by enterprise customers but mostly hybrid.
  • @Johnkrikke: SMBs will use more public cloud than private
  • @Ben_RFID: How does the spread look at this time between: public, private and hybrid clouds?
  • @mn3umonic (Lawrence Chiu): @Ben we see entering ’15, varying by geo internal, on premium, non-cloud digital  -41 percent. internal, onprem, private cloud based infrastructure ~31%
  • Private vs. Public Cloud Article: http://t.co/xye45ckS1H
  • Private v. Public Cloud Article: http://dld.bz/ds9pQ
  • Private Cloud IaaS guide: http://intel.ly/1va8RvR
  • Hybrid Cloud Services: http://bit.ly/1jY8kMR
  • Intel® Hybrid Cloud: https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/cloud-computing/hybrid-cloud-cmpg.html

(3)    Cloud Security:

Thanks to the 175-plus Intel Technology Providers who participated in the series. I hope you found these chat series resourceful. And congrats to those who won a Dell Venue 8 Pro* Windows Tablets.



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