#4thGenCoreRefresh Chat 1 Recap – “The New 4th Gen Core Processors for Enthusiasts”

#DR June 24 FB ImageIntel® Technology Provider kicked off our Dominance Reborn: the New 4th Gen Core Processors for Enthusiasts Chat Series on Tuesday June 24, 2014. Thanks to all who joined the conversation on the blog chat page, the series is off to a great start.

Darrin Lynch from Intel®’s Channel Product Group and Alejandro Hoyos, Product Marketing Engineer for the Enthusiast and Gamer Segments for Boxed Processors hosted the first topic, The New 4th Gen Core Processors for Enthusiasts.

Here are highlights from the first discussion:

(1)    The new capabilities of the enthusiast refresh:

  • Mayura Garg: Darrin: Could you start us off with the key new capabilities available with the 4th Gen Core refresh processor lineup?
  • @IntelGaming (Darrin Lynch): key capabilities depend on which parts you are looking at – locked or unlocked. The locked parts are basic speed bumps with new features based on 9 series motherboards. However, with the unlocked parts we have made some fairly big changes: we completely redesigned the CPU package and changed the TIM. The package redesign gave us some serious power advantages – smoothing the delivery to the silicon, the TIM change helped with temperature – the lower the temp the better, and on a side note, we are at a 4GHz base freq – best we have ever put out. We also added a new product into the lineup – the Pentium Anniversary Edition. We felt an unlocked part, in the tradition of the Pentium, would be a fun part.

(2)    “Enthusiasm” for the refresh:

  • @Justkimolly: We are excited for our top gaming systems for the new K parts. Great benchmarks so far!
  • @XDAGarwynn: The new K parts are definitely generating buzz in the enthusiast segment.  Seeing a lot of interest for people that either missed … @IntelGaming – the Pentium certainly reinvigorates the OC community by allowing a whole new group to try without breaking the bank.
  • Vincent Robinson: The Pentium Anniversary Edition is a good chip for those on a tight budget who are willing to overclock the CPU.
  • @Justkimolly: Our customers are excited about the overclocking of the Pentium Anniversay

(3)    4th Gen Core Refresh Resources:

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Dennis Pang, ASUS* North America Product Marketing Manager Vivian Lien, ASUS* North America VP of Marketing and Business Development, and David Bradshaw, Intel® Channel Product Manager will host the next chat topic, Asus* 9 Series Board Update for Enthusiasts on July 8, 1 p.m. EDT/ 10 a.m. PDT.



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