#TabletTuesday Chat 6 Recap: Business Apps for Intel-based Android Tablets

TT June 17 Chat Social GraphicIntel® Technology Provider held its last #TabletTuesday chat on June 17 – thanks to all who participated in this wonderful series!

Christopher Maylor, Director: Intel® Mobile Ecosystem Marketing, Kelsey Witherow, Intel® Product Marketing Engineer for Business Tablets, and Pam Tenorio, Intel® Software & Solutions Group Senior Marketing Manager shared their expertise and lead the discussion on Business Apps for Intel-based Android Tablets.

Here are the highlights from the conversation:

(1)       Chat Links and Resources:


(2)       Tablets in the small-to-medium business realm:

  • Mayura Garg: Can we start by talking about tablet usage in SMB and how Android stacks up in the mix?
  • Kelsey Witherow: Sure thing – the SMB space is growing significantly this year – and we’ve got 58% of them running Android! SMBs are really looking for business value out of these tablets. Less about cheap price, more about apps & other features. Intel has come together to be a solution provider for SMBs and you can get special offers on top business apps.
  • @PamTenorio1: Between 2013 to 2016, tablet usage will continue to increase and really change mobile productivity for small businesses
  • Terry Chandler: Depending on SMB intent of use with these devices, IT management is a consideration


(3)       Tablet Industry Opportunities:

  • Kelsey Witherow: Do any of you sell into the vertical spaces? Healthcare..education…retail…real estate? IDC predicts that while consumer tablets decline this year, biz tablets will grow – growth driven by vertical usages!
  • Chrismaylor: @Kelsey – nice question!  If you are selling here – are there specific asks or challenges that you see & hear.
  • XDAGarwynn: I don’t sell in Ed but I have seen a lot of parents wanting to go to Android.  Main issue has been app shortage. Schools as well – where a Chromebook is not enough but a PC may be too much.
  • Peter Goldberger: The main drawbacks, which are getting better with each release, are battery life, storage and expandability, weight, applications and portab


Thanks again to all who participated in our chat series –over 200 Intel Technology Providers participated in six chats. And congrats to those who won a Dell Venue 8 Pro* Windows Tablets. I hope you found these chat series insightful.