#ServerSmart – Chat 5 Recap: Today’s Unified Network

ServerSmart - June 19 ImageGet ahead of the curve with #ServerSmartThe most recent chat on Thursday occurred on Thursday, June 19, 2014 on the blog chat page.

Intel’s Networking Division Team of Brian Johnson and Lori Hansen as well as Chris Allison, Intel NA Channels Market Development Manager hosted the discussion on Today’s Unified Network.

Here is the recap from the chat:

(1)    Unified Network Resources:

(2)    The Transition to 10GB:

  • Mayura Garg: Can we get started with quick review of our view of ‘The Unified Networking?’
  • Chris Allison: Unified networking simplifies the network dramatically by combining storage traffic and network traffic on the same link.
  • Michelle Fuller: In the video there are great points. Does Intel have a calculator that helps you know the performance increases in 1gb to 10gb? We get that question a lot when clients are deciding between older processors to new ones and it is not always a black and white answer.
  • Chris Allison: We have a number of tools available on www.intel.com/go/ethernet, in the 30 years of networking at Intel, we’ve seen 3 speed transitions. This 1GbE to 10GbE transition is moving fast!
  • Daniel Martin: Seems like not only can it be faster, it can also allow you to be more efficient and reliable
  • @Molacc: The upgrade to 10gb will be better with total network infrastructure upgrade to 10gb+
  • Alison Ooms: I have customers that would enjoy the 10gb for their virtual environments.

(3)    Apps driving the 10GB:

  • Michelle Fuller: Does Intel find that some manufacturers over others are building systems to support and take advantage of the latest procs and networking?
  • Virginia J Monte: @Michelle Fuller – Intel of course 🙂  But we work closely with a number of manufacturers to implement new technologies
  • Michelle Fuller: We are being asked to evaluate the SDN market and what path is the best for many of our clients. we just proposed a vSAN solution with Intel/IBM boxes for a hotel management company with 6 remote locations where they wanted a solution
  • Thehevy: @Michelle – We are seeing the first step to SDN in the Enterprise as network virtualization. VMware NSX for vSphere seems to be a way to bridge existing ESX deployments with a new SDN deployment.

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