#TabletTuesday Chat 5 Recap: Winning With Dell* Mobility

Tablet Tuesday Social Graphic - Chat 5Intel® Technology Provider held another #TabletTuesday chat on June 10.

Ven Tenjarla, Dell* Channel Marketing Manager, hosted an engaging discussion on Winning With Dell* Mobility.

Here’s a recap from the #TabletTuesday chat on June 10:

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(2)       Dell* Tablet overview:

  • Mayura Garg: Ven- could you start us off with a  quick rundown on Dell’s tablet offering
  • Ven Tenjarla: Mayura, we offer Tablets for commercial users, with Venue 11 Pro and Venue 8 Pro with Win 8.1 OS. We also offer consumer tablets – Venue 7 and Venue 8 tablets with Android OS. Typically, commercial products are more durable, longer life cycles and on-site support.
  • Drew Peterson: Ven, in what verticals are you seeing the most traction with tablets?
  • Ven Tenjarla: Drew – I am seeing lot of interest in retail, education and healthcare
  • Drew Peterson: Application compatibility is a great selling point for Dell/Windows tablets
  • ChrisClai: @Ven Tenjarla – How committed is dell to the mobile / tablet space? I know we had a stint of tablets years ago, but is this for good now?
  • Ven Tenjarla: @ChrisClai Tablets are growing at triple digits and there we are fully focused on this
  • ChrisClai: I am seeing demand in the Enterprise for something that is seamless. … Seamless meaning it works for what they need to do without much compromise. … Having a Tablet opens up a great convo with customers and encourages sales and adoption as well… Explaining the benefits is one thing. Showing in person, is another. I have some customers ready to buy…They just need to see the real world application.

(3)       Android and Windows:

  • @XDAGarwynn: The Dell Venue 8 Pro I hear is the best 8′ tablet around – only the Iconia W3 I have heard even comes close. Any chance there might be something between the 8 and 11 offerings in the works?
  • Ven Tenjarla: @XDA we do have other screen sizes for consumers with Android
  • J Balmer: Most of my customer tabs are Android, using some tabs w/ 8.1 & all laotops are 8.1
  • Harry Greene: I have had a great deal of people ask about Android Tablets
  • JonathanJow: However some clients need tablets that work seamlessly with their current ecosystem (aka Microsoft environment) so the Win8 tablets fit.
  • Craig Nickel: A lot of the private schools are using iPads. Tough market to crack with a Windows or Droid model
  • Ven Tenjarla: @Craig folks who understand Windows ecosystem are replacing iPads with Dell – schools have funding but they are not allowed to hire admins… so iOS will be another OS to support.

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