#ServerSmart – Chat 3 Recap: Big Data and the Internet of Things

ServerSmart - June 5 ImageGain more expertise with #ServerSmartThe chat series continued on the blog’s chat page on Thursday, June 5, 2014 where the Intel’s Big Data Vision Team and Intel’s Internet of Things Team hosted the discussion concerning Big Data and the Internet of Things.

Here are the discussion highlights:

(1)    Big Data and Internet of Things Online Resources:

(2)   Defining Big Data for Customers:

  • @Ciphr (Vin Sharma, Intel® Big Data Strategy and Marketing manager for Intel’s data center group): Can we start with the simple definition: big data is data that demands new methods & platforms for storage and processing
  • David Bennett: Where do you draw the proverbial ‘line’ on when a customer needs ‘Big Data’?
  • Gary Paek: @ David Bennett It depends… We have a way to plan your Big Data project (see link above). A rule of thumb is around 6TB or more, but your miles may vary
  • @Ciphr: @David_Bennet the question to ask is whether they need large amounts of data from diverse sources to inform a better decision
  • Howard Edelman: A big part of Big Data is having tools and APIs to pull the data you want from different sources so you can build something useful with it.
  • @Carkeekc: What are the stages of a Big Data opportunity?
  • @Ciphr: @carkeekc the stages are those of any major strategic initiative at an enterprise: bizObjective->pilot->production->scale

(3)    Internet of Things Solutions:

  • Mayura Garg: Welcome.. how many of you are exploring #IOT opportunities with your customers?
  • TiotBiz: It is central and strategic to our core business. We are a purposely service provider for IoT!
  • Dave Borden: I saw a show recently where UPS is also using IoT to monitor the drivers/routes/trucks.  Improvements of seconds adds to millions in savings
  • @B_E_Karlin (Bridget Karlin, Managing Director for Intel IOT Strategy & Tech Office): With IOT, adjusting speed and route as a result of analyzing other data enables these efficiencies, sensors on the vehicles, feeds from
  • Mayura Garg: @Bridget Where would you say is the hotbed of opportunity with #IOT tody?
  • @B_E_Karlin (Bridget Karlin): @mayura The hot markets for IOT are smart building for energy efficiency, smart city for air, water, traffic noise improvement, and other IOT markets smart transportation, smart retail, and smart home… IOT is expected to be about a $7 trillion market

David Blunden, Intel SSD Application Engineer and Alan Winscott, Intel SSD North America Channel Manager will host the next chat topic, Solid-State Drives in the Enterprise on June 12, 1 p.m. EDT/ 10 a.m. PDT.

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