#TabletTuesday Chat 4 Recap: Mobile Point of Care – Tablets for Healtcare

Chat 4 Social Graphic EditedIntel® Technology Provider hosted another excellent #TabletTuesday chat on May 13.

Scott Rehling, Motion Computing Senior Channel Manager, lead the conversation about Mobile Point of Care: Tablets for Healthcare.

Here are highlights from the conversation:

(1)    Tablet Customization for Healthcare:

  • Carkeekc: How do you prevent infection from passing via the tablets?
  • Scott Rehling: @carkeekc- Our tablets are sealed so they can be wiped down for infection prevention. We also offer a docking station that disinfects with UV.
  • John Van Hecke: Do you have any standards that concern minimizing gaps and ledges that could potentially harbor bacteria growth on the tablets?
  • Scott Rehling: @John, yes we do. If you look at our tablets, there are no exposed ports and rounded edges everywhere.
  • Gary Swinn: Has anyone done a study on the preferred size of a tablet in Medical?
  • Scott Rehling: @Gary- size depends on the user. Docs want larger, nurses and mobile workers want 10.4
  • Gary Swinn: That is what I thought, with that in Mind what is the Largest Tablet Screen available for Doctors?
  • Scott Rehling: The largest tablet in a rugged windows based form factor is 12.5′


(2)    Healthcare Tablet Environments:

  • Elizabeth Flynn: How do the tablets stack up in the telemedicine space?  I have a huge need at the moment.
  • Scott Rehling: @Elizabeth can you describe your usage model?
  • Elizabeth Flynn: I have a hospital in a remote part of Texas that wants to expand into the telemedicine space. They would take tablets to patients’ homes. Web conference / video conference to the doctor – we would need high resolution photos.
  • Scott Rehling: @Elizabeth- our solutions would be ideal. Ultra mobile, vehicle docks, WWAN capability, a high quality documentation camera built in it … Plus a built in handle for convenient carrying in and out of homes.
  • Brent Greener: We use Motion tablets in applications from dairies to doctors. The bluenote-communicator works great in doctors’ offices for tracking patients.
  • @SunKwok: I keep seeing my docs (general practitioners, eye docs) carry around regular notebooks instead of motion systems. I have mentioned the Motion systems several times but they seem to like the regular notebooks for some reason. It may be cost and familiarity.
  • Rhonda Ford-Gares: My clients work outside of the office seeing patients in areas without WiFi. Any tablets with cellular broadband connections?
  • Scott Rehling: Rhonda, yes, we install the Gobi radios for Wide area coverage through cell. All major carriers will be supported.

(3)    Resources and Links from Discussion:

  • Mayura Garg: Intel’s LTE announcement: intel.ly/1liDLwI
  • Carkeekc: Have you tried the tablet with IO like Google Glass?
  • XDAGarwynn: @ carkeekc – You’re going to need interface tools and I don’t think that’s available yet (for glass) … Update to my previous answer for glass: http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/7/5589794/google-glass-livestream-broadcasting-app-launches
  • _J_C_C_S_: What is the current penetration of Intel-based tablets in the market and what is projected market size in 2 years?
  • Mayura Garg: @J_C_C_S Check out: https://www-ssl.intel.com/p/s/en_US/techprovider/products/tablet
  • Gary Swinn: How long do you support/service your tablets for, 5-years, 7-years, or more?
  • Scott Rehling: Gary, we support a platform for 4 years after end of life. We do offer advanced replacement and even onsite repair options – http://www.motioncomputing.com/us/support
  • Jake Heishman: Scott- is there a wall mount option that we can put the tablet on the wall while charging it? This would help in video conferencing.
  • Scott Rehling: @Jake, yes, we offer multiple mounting options for wall, cart, vehicle, etc. … http://www.motioncomputing.com/us/products/accessories
  • Daniel Murto: Scott should a Demo be desired who do we contact?
  • Scott Rehling: @Daniel- you can contact Motion directly or your reseller for demo program
  • @Ben_RFID: Scott -Demo program available in Canada too?
  • Scott Rehling: @Ben- yes, Canada too. Canada contact Scott Ball sball@motioncomputing.com

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