#ServerSmart – Chat 1 Recap: Datacenter Modernization

ServerSmart - May 15 ImageAre you #ServerSmart? Intel® Technology Provider kicked off the new series on the blog’s chat page on Thursday, May 15, 2014.

Marketing Manager of Datacenter Channel Marketing Chris Graham, Intel Senior Technical Marketing Engineer David Borden, and Intel® Xeon® Processor TME Josh Kelly hosted the discussion on Data Center Modernization.

Here are highlights from the conversation:

David Borden: I have been out at Microsoft’s TechEd for the last week at the Intel booth demonstrating the performance difference between a typical server refresh scenario comparing a 3 – 4 year old Intel Xeon 5600 series based platform to our new Intel Xeon processor 2600 V2.We are demonstrating identical systems with Hammerdb on SQL server, both with Intel’s latest SSDs and RAID controllers, Microsoft Server 2012 R2 and SLQ Server and realize up to 10x performance improvement in a virtualized environment.

  • The attendees have literally been blown away with the possible increase in performance by refreshing servers just three years old.
  • Re the benchmarking question:take a look at Intel.com under our Xeon line. We have several published benchmarks for comparing official benchmarks, its good to look at http://spec.org/ the results published there cover several usage models and are official benchmarks that can be compared between different systems
  • Re SSDs and performance… Intel SSD’s and RAID controllers can make for significant performance gains depending on workload
  • @Howard, the workload will determine the appropriate SSD.
  • @Howard, if you need high endurance, its important to use Enterprise class SSD’s. If primarily reads, you have more flexibility.
  • @Mark Hybrid drives are more client focused
  • @Howard, for true datacenter workloads, look into Intel SSDs and our caching software
  • @Howard, some Intel RAID cards offer caching functionality built in. Install an SSD and set it for caching
  • Todays Xeon E5 processors have significant advancements in Virtualization technology
  • Server refresh can save you significant $, so its worth exploring!

 (1)    Data center resources:

(2)    Data Center refresh and management:

(3)    SSDs:

  • Troy Matsumiya: Any idea on what Intel is doing to help close the price gap between server SSD and SAS drives?
  • Mayura Garg: @Troy: https://communities.intel.com/community/itpeernetwork/blog/2013/12/11/why-data-center-solid-state-drives-ssds
  • @Rjsuewolf: We sell tons of Intel-based machines and often I swap the drives for an SSD. Is there a market for used servers when companies do a refresh?  I have tons. The performance with SSD is night and day!
  • Dave Borden: Re SSDs and performance…   Intel SSD’s and RAID controllers can make for significant performance gains depending on workload
  • Howard Edelman: Which are the latest SSD’s recommended for Servers? Will there be any changes in the SSD line up?
  • Mayura Garg: @Howard- we have Datacenter SSD 3700 and 3500– here is a good blog for you to check out http://intel.ly/1f74EVC


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