Monthly Archives: May 2014

#TabletTuesday Chat 4 Recap: Mobile Point of Care – Tablets for Healtcare

Intel® Technology Provider hosted another excellent #TabletTuesday chat on May 13. Scott Rehling, Motion Computing Senior Channel Manager, lead the conversation about Mobile Point of Care: Tablets for Healthcare. Here are highlights from the conversation: (1)    Tablet Customization for Healthcare: Carkeekc: How do … Read more >

#TabletTuesday Chat 3 Recap: Tablets: Optimizing Retail Experience.

Intel® Technology Provider’s #TabletTuesday had another great chat on April 29 with over 50 participants. Christopher O’Malley, Intel® Director of Retail Marketing, and Vanessa Foden, Intel® Retail SMB Segment Manager hosted the discussion about Tablets: Optimizing Retail Experience. Here are … Read more >