Great Vibes on Day 2 at #ISS2014

Keynote highlight reel

Security and Privacy in the Information Age presented by Michael Fey,
 Executive Vice President,
 General Manager of Corporate Products, Intel Security Chief Technology Officer

2014_ISS-2-2 2014_ISS-6-3 2014_ISS-8-2

‪@DrewPool: This guy is legit. Michael Fey Intel Security keynote #ISS2014 ‪#1234isabadpassword

‪@Intel_Channel: McAfee’s Michael Fey: There were 1.2M password-stealing trojans in 2013  #ISS2014 ‪ 

Drive Technology and Thrive presented by Maurice Thompson, Director, Verizon Partner Program, Technology Partner Track

2014_ISS-14-2 2014_ISS-16 2014_ISS-25 

‪@KaraDevlin:  #ISS2014 interesting keynote from Verizon!

‪@WorldSinatra:  Thank you for not boring us with numbers Maurice! 😉 ‪#Verizon ‪#ISS2014

Worthwhile tips

‪@Intel_Channel: Dave Guzzi, SVP sales and marketing, Equus Computer Group on making the most of your time at ‪#ISS2014 ‪ 

‪@Intel_Channel: Welcome to #ISS2014 from M&A Technology’s SVP Donna Shepard ‪ 

The innovation faucet was running

2014_ISS-12 2014_ISS-8-3 2014_ISS-14-3Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.38.17 AM

‪@Greg_Mann:  Hottest item at #ISS2014 . ‪#intel xeon lunch box ‪

‪@Intel_Channel: Simulation display: Microsoft shows off powerful capabilities at #ISS2014 ‪ 

‪@Intel_Channel: WD Purple is surveillance! #ISS2014 ‪

‪@Lastlobo:#ISS2014 excited about upcoming 2 in 1 prospects

‪@WorldSinatra: Thanks for the Canadian reception #ISS2014 ! Its great to be surrounded by the pioneers and innovators!

‪@StrongholdServ: #ISS2014 The IoT breakout was so amazing and opportunities are endless!

‏‪@jfont25: #ISS2014 Big things coming to NUC

‪@Intel_Channel: Meet Shelly, an industrial robot. And she has musical talent as well. ‪#ISS2014 ‪

‪@Lastlobo: #ISS2014 looking forward to the upcoming enthusiast desktop processor

@EVGA_JacobF: 84″ 4K TV #ISS2014 ‪

‪@primeofmyyouth: Come see ‪@AirWatch at the #ISS2014  tonight at ‪@aria ‪

‪@Intel_Channel:  #ISS2014 Retail tablets are coming on strong. Mobility in retail stores, QSR, hospitality. ‪

‪@BarskyJagb525:  #ISS2014 can’t wait to see new iterations of product coming out with intel technology.  Lots of opportunity there!

‪@ecamkingram: #ISS2014  ‪  Amazing new technology coming in 2015!

‪@BobMEdTech: Intel continues to lead in innovation with more amazing tech to come in 2014 #ISS2014

‪@Jeff_A_Marshall: #ISS2014 I really enjoyed the Dell and Intel NUC breakout sessions yesterday.  Thank you ‪#Dell and ‪#Intel

Great ideas were shared

2014_ISS-5-2 2014_ISS-222014_ISS-17

‪@esarault: Best session so far was the Xeon roadmap #ISS2014

‪@mataylor67: Mobilized field worker panel. Speed to solution – speed to revenue.  #ISS2014 ‪@pmpoulin ‪@sanjeevaggarwal ‪@AlanDRose ‪

‪@ORIGINPCCEO: Desktop Enthusiast Panel = Some exciting info about new chips coming soon! #ISS2014

‪@mataylor67: Double down session with Judy – scale of ‪#inteltablets across multiple vertical & field workers #ISS2014 ‪

@BarskyJagb525: #ISS2014 Just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more done to make PCs exciting, Intel again raises the bar!

‪@dceptuv: #ISS2014 tons of data center info!

‪@jkgibbs: Aligning your social engagement with business strategy ‪#iss2014 ‪

‪@Jeff_A_Marshall: #ISS2014 Digging the retail solutions and digital signage presented by Intel ‪

The whole place was buzzing

2014_ISS-3-2 2014_ISS-4-2 Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.30.50 AM

@dceptuv:#ISS2014 showcase floor was incredible tonight. Intel has some amazing products.

‪@StrongholdServ: #ISS2014 the Connected Store is brilliantly done, fantastic job Intel(those strip monitors are cool!)

‪@dceptuv: #ISS2014 can’t wait for the show floor to open… Oculus rift, here I come.

‪@shadimarcos:  Awesome day lots of info #ISS2014

‪@shadimarcos: Having a great time and learning lots of great stuff ‪#iss2014

‪@KaraDevlin: #ISS2014 Looking forward to this evenings Solution Showcase

‪@Intel_Channel: Funny how a company known for communications was all abuzz tonight at #ISS2014. Very fitting ‪@Verizon ‪  

‪@Intel_Channel: Dell Latitude 12 series 7000 packs a powerful punch for business users  #ISS2014 ‪@DellChannel ‪

‪@askandrew760: #ISS2014 Looking forward to hearing more about what Lenovo has to offer

‪@Jeff_A_Marshall: #ISS2014 About to join the Retail Breakout Session for information on digital signage and security.

‪@mataylor67: Mobility for field workers is the doorbell for opportunity to Solution Providers.  #ISS2014 Panel discusses the benefits & best practices

Gee, thanks!

2014_ISS-16-2 2014_ISS-10-4 ISS-11

‪@DTWtechlady: #ISS2014  outstanding networking at ISS.

‪@missyp_mi: Creativity and technology ‪#ISS2014 ‪

‪@LilyHuang2878: #ISS2014 is outstanding

‪@dmolina68: #ISS2014 Very informational conf

@cyberpowerinc: #ISS2014 learned so much in this event

‪@JoshLongacre1: I love Intel’s tablet strategy.  #ISS2014

‪@dceptuv: #ISS2014 looooove the private\hybrid cloud discussion going on. Awesome information!

‪@doom969: #ISS2014  rules

And, yes, the fun continued

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.28.59 AM2014_ISS-10-5 2014_ISS-13-2

‪@Intel_Channel: fravelb ‪@intel_channel ‪@wmhanklea  #iss2014 we are ready to party ‪#selfie ‪ 

‪@Greg_Mann: #ISS2014 plus Vegas=WIN!

‪@Greg_Mann: Beatles cover band for the close of #ISS2014. Awesome! ‪

‪@fliptheglove: Bacon in the mac and cheese, bacon in the ranch dressing. Intel really understands me. ‪#lunch ‪#ISS2014

‪@craigyray: @WorldSinatra ‪@craigyray Of course I will!!  Demo selfies are my specialty. ‪#ISS2014 ‪

‪@DesignYourEdge: Mixing it up at #ISS2014  ‪#roamingthehalls ‪

‪@ORIGINPCCEO: Attending the social media session so I figured I would tweet about it. 🙂 #ISS2014  ‪  ‪#intel_channel

‪@DesignYourEdge: “Sorta Selfie” at Intel Solutions Summit.  Good times!  ‪#ISS2014 ‪

@dceptuv: Hahaha… how true!  #iss2014 ‪ 

‪@fliptheglove: Received so many #ISS2014 giveaways that I had to get a second bag. ‪#firstworldproblems

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.06.08 AM2014_ISS-7-4Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.41.52 AM

Good stuff, really good stuff!

‏‪@DTWtechlady: Awesome Intel Partner event in Las Vegas.  Rave Computer won “Channel Cares Award” 2014. #ISS2014, ‪#Rave

‪@WorldSinatra: Day 2 – Let’s continue on our mission to changing this world to the better and improving people s life #ISS2014

@KevinTorner1: Filling bags for needy kids at Intel Solutions Summit ‪#ISS2014

We couldn’t have said it better!

‪@ricky_nguyen23: Looked forward to the #ISS2014 event all year and it has been a blast.  I cannot wait till next year. ‪#Intel


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