In case you missed Day 1 of ISS 2014 (or want to relive it) here is what’s trending #ISS2014

Terrific presentations

Keynote #ISS20142014_ISS-142014_ISS-9-2

@Intel_Channel: Intel’s new channel chief ‪@MauritsTichelma kicks off ‪#ISS2014 ‪

@Intel_Channel: Maurits Tichelman on the State of the channel ‪#ISS2014 ‪@MauritsTichelma ‪

@kimplatt13: #ISS2014 Keynote last night by Alan Hobson was inspirational!

@dceptuv: Cancer and Everest. GREAT talk. ‪#ISS2014

@esarault: #ISS2014 Great SSD insight keynote!

‪@DHonourBme: #ISS2014 great speaker last night. The showcase is a must

A glimpse into the future

Galileo Vending Machine @#ISS20142014_ISS-6-22014_ISS-15

@Intel_Channel: Meet Intel Galileo ‪#iss2014 

@Intel_Channel: Chai latte goes hi- tech @ ‪#ISS2014 ‪

‪@askandrew760: #ISS2014 Lenovo is doing a great job with some of their new products – not that it’s a surprise

@Intel_Channel: A look at Intel’s NUC ‪#ISS2014 ‪

@Intel_Channel: Sub $100 tablets are on the board for 2015 ‪#ISS2014

Learning a lot

‪@askandrew760: ‪#ISS2014 Very informative breakout sessions. Learning about building edu biz.

@MikeyKomar: #ISS2014 Amazing breakout sessions, took in so much info

‪@brettdan23: 2nd breakout session, already learn about a lot of cool new things!!!

‪@kimplatt13: Intel based servers are THE strategic backbone for next generation data centers:  ‪#iss2014

‪@PauleyB: Great first day of learning at ‪#ISS2014

Winners were crowned

2014_ISS 2014_ISS-2 2014_ISS-3 2014_ISS-4 2014_ISS-5 2014_ISS-6 2014_ISS-7 2014_ISS-8

@Intel_Channel: Congratulations to the innovation award winners! ‪#iss2014 ‪ 

@AMEXInfoTech: AMAX hanging out with the ‪#Intel crew at ‪#ISS2014 after accepting the Server Innovation Award earlier today! Thank you ‪@Intel_Channel!

@Intel_Channel: Awards luncheon ‪#ISS2014 ‪

Making great connections

@Intel_Channel: Thank you Intel channel Board of Advisors ‪#iss2014 ‪ 

‪@DogHouseSystems: Hanging out with the Intel guys at #ISS2014 today!

‪@Lastlobo: ‪#ISS2014 a lot good up-to-date info and great networking opportunities

‏‪@jfont25: #ISS2014 ‪#dinner Talking Tech with my fellow system builders

‪@MCWilsonAtDell: Record attendance at Intel Solutions Summit.  Join me at the Dell breakout to learn about PartnerDirect. ‪#ISS2014 ‪@DellChannel

2014_ISS-10 2014_ISS-7-2 2014_ISS-13Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.42.48 PM

Having lots of fun

‏‪@fwertz: Visit the ISS Connected Store! Play to earn some cool toys & swag

@Intel_Channel: Two Dell Venue 8 Pro* Windows Tablets will be given to winning ITPs who RSVP and participate in ‪#TabletTuesday ‪ 

‪@MikeyKomar #ISS2014 great stuff at the intel store

‪@ORIGINPCCEO: Another pic from the keynote stage at ‪#ISS2014 Can you find the ‪#originpc? ‪

‪@WorldSinatra: @NCIXPC attending #ISS2014! Very excited to learn about upcoming Intel solutions!

‪@KevinTorner1: Filling bags for needy kids at Intel Solutions Summit ‪#ISS2014

‪@MicheleVerizon: Landed at the Intel Summit #ISS2014  Looking forward to a great event!

@Intel_Channel: Intel shipped its first boxed processor in 1994.  Do you remember its code name? #ISS2014 ‪

2014_ISS-10-2 ISS 2014_ISS-11 2014_ISS-6-2

Much more on deck for Day 2 – stay tuned!