#TabletTuesday Chat 2 Recap: Tablet Customization: Intel-Based Tablets Tailored to Meet Your Customer’s Needs

TabletTuesdayChat2GraphicIntel® Technology Provider’s #TabletTuesday had another great chat last week on April 8. Martin Smekal, President and CEO of TabletKiosk, hosted over 50 participants and enjoyed an insightful conversation about tablet customization.

Here’s a recap of the conversation topics:

(1) Dual Booting:

  • Jasmine Hartranft: When will Intel officially support duo system ( Win. & Android)? Where can we find resources?
  • Alex Stephens: As for now I travel with laptop 15.6 dual boot Win7/server, netbook 8.9, bell tablet phone 7’… if one device could replace all. #TabletTues
  • J Balmer: In some cases we’re doing a dual boot w/ 7 & 8.1, but I personally prefer 8.1 to everything except XP).
  • Bob Sireno: Jasmine: MSFT and Google are apparently working to kill off proposed dual boot tablets.

(2) Tablets vs. 2-in-1 Options:

  • David Bennett: I have attempted to sell to our two largest verticals, legal and accounting. Both groups have been rejecting them due to perception. They see tablets as something for home use. I have been trying to convince them otherwise, but they do not want to give up regular keyboards.
  • Martin J. Smekal: @david bennett have you considered looking at applications like MICO for digital inking to make them paperless?
  • Johnkrikke: @DavidBennett – for me tablets are additive, not replacing unless you get something like a 2-in-1.
  • Douglas Honour: @David Bennett – What about the 2-in-1s?
  • David Bennett: Tried the 2-in-1’s, but neither group has been willing to pay the extra dollars.
  • Douglas Honour: @David – Check out the Lenovo 2-in-1 – pretty great!
  • Jasmine Hartranft: Jasmine from DirAction USA, Inc. California.  We are a Intel Classmate PC  reseller and Education software reseller.

(3) Martin’s experience in the Vertical Market:

  • J Balmer: We’ve been talking to healthcare facilities about switching PCs to tablets.
  • Martin J. Smekal: @J Balmer that’s great. We specialize in the healthcare vertical…Is there anything specific that we can answer for you?
  • J Balmer: @Martin – we haven’t gotten too specific yet, although I prefer Intel for security reasons.
  • Martin J. Smekal: @J Balmer that is very true. One of the things we see from most verticals, specifically healthcare and gaming solutions, is the security.
  • Martin J. Smekal: One thing we see in many verticals is long lifecycles and in addition to that, standard 1-year warranty with optional extended and ADP.
  • Martin J. Smekal: We have seen many vertical solutions requiring multiple USB ports, ethernet on the tablet itself, etc…
  • Martin J. Smekal: Some of our other vertical deployments have been mounted solutions on tractors, carts, or tables.
  • Ken Burgess: Biggest complaint I get is ‘We need a 17’ or bigger screen.
  • Johnkrikke: @KenBurgess – tablet with a dock with a big screen for when they don’t need to be portable
  • Martin J. Smekal: @johnkrikke that’s a good point. The dock is an essential accessory for the vertical space

(4)  Windows on vertical tablets:

  • Martin J. Smekal: @J Balmer with the Intel platform, we have the ability to support Windows 7, Windows 8, embedded solutions, and Linux.
  • J Balmer: Windows 8.1 is where we’re heading.
  • Frank Kelly: My customers are avoiding Windows 8.1
  • Martin J. Smekal: We see both ways with 8.1 and Windows 7
  • Bob Sireno: Frank Kelly: Windows 8.1 with the update is superior. Just show it to them.
  • J Balmer: We’re running Windows 8.1 in desktop mode w/out any issues related to 8.0.
  • Martin J. Smekal: For those moving to 8.1, how many actually use multi-touch?
  • Frank Kelly: Money is tight and most customers want to be able to do everything on one device.
  • Darrin Schonefeld: Not many.
  • J Balmer: In some cases we’re doing a dual boot with 7 and 8.1, but I personally prefer 8.1 to everything except XP 🙂
  • Martin J. Smekal: @joe harrington we do digital diaries, EMR, clinical trials, clinics… to name a few.

(5) The Sahara Slate PC i575:

  • bonytony9: @Martin so why pick TabletKiosk, I mean the Sahara Slate looks like a great line but what are the advantages of it over different tablets?
  • Martin J. Smekal: @bonytony9 while many others have gone low cost, low end platforms, we offer a broader range of I/O, customizations, and ecosystem of peripheral.
  • Martin J. Smekal: @alex stephens we offer docks and mounting solutions that are backwards compatible through 3 generations.
  • Brian Bailey: Sahara Slate PC i575 with vPro = Awesome!
  • KnottingHillFan: Sahara Slate PC i575 is impressive!

(6) The ideal tablet screen size:

  • Martin J. Smekal: @alex Same question for you as well, what screen size is your ideal tablet solution? We offer tablet pc solutions from 7′ to 12′ but we find most customers go with the 12′.
  • Alex Stephens: Ideal tablet screen per my corporate customers need from 11′ up to 13′ #TabletTuesday
  • Linda Chen: Ideal table size should be 10′.
  • Johnnybluenote: 10′ tablet size works for me but just didn’t work for my customer.
  • Joe Harrington: I suspect that ‘older’ eyes prefer screen size above 10′, I have experience on that.
  • RightChoice: Agreed 10′ is the sweet spot

Be sure to join us for the next #TabletTuesday chat on April 29, 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT with Christopher O’Malley, Intel® Director of Retail Marketing and Vanessa Foden, Intel® Retail SMB Segment Manager, who will discuss Tablets: Optimizing Retail Experience. 

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