Let’s Compromise and Do It My Way

If the last twelve months are any indication of the future, the level of demand for innovation and customization will continue to blur the lines between strictly consumer-oriented devices which are typically optimized for consumption and business productivity devices which are typically designed for content creation. The fact is, you and I want it all. And technology has finally taken us to place where we can have it all.

 The hard line between work time and playtime is long gone and so too is the notion that the devices we live with everyday have to function in one role or the other. We want the features that we love, like touch capabilities, in our consumer devices to be available to us on our business devices.  And there’s no reason why business users can’t have that, right now, in a single device. In this scenario, performance plays a very important role, coupling the ability to give us everything want, plus everything we need. Here’s where Intel® and our partners make the difference.

 Tablets have been a particularly interesting category with the variety of form factors and OSes, coupled with the deep level of customization that our customers are embedding to revolutionize their clients’ way of doing business. Beyond the devices themselves, it’s the focus on particular segments like hospitality, retail and healthcare, for example, where we see our customers are finding great opportunity for success with highly customized solutions. It’s the essence of what it means to provide a true solution-not just a piece of technology.

 At this year’s Intel Solution Summit (ISS), coming to Las Vegas this April, our core focus will be on enablement. As part of that theme, Intel Technology Provider Platinum members will have an opportunity to see some real world examples.  For instance, we’ll bring the concept of a connected store to life. You will see digital signage and an example of the Internet of Things at work in a retail environment, which we hope will inspire you to walk away with ideas that you can implement in your local markets.  Retail is just one of the great examples of how ITPs are building connected systems to transform business, but its only one example. If you are not a member of Intel Technology Provider , or if you haven’t registered yet, you can learn more here.

 Member or not, I encourage you to check out ITP.  We’re spending a great deal of time listening to what you need and we are genuinely interested in your feedback. We use that input to create the tools, proof points and sales resources you need to close business.  Join ITP and connect with us because we want to hear from you.

 It will be exciting to see what creative things you, our customers, will continue to do with the building blocks that Intel and our partners provide. Ultimately, it’s all contributing to increasing the pace of technology, which translates into exceptional opportunity for you, our customers.