Tablets at Habit Satisfy Everyone’s Hunger

Excellent customer service is part of Habit Burger Grill’s recipe for success. This 40-year old business marries high-quality food with a great customer experience to keep their business thriving and growing to meet today’s customers’ desires and expectations. Not surprisingly, those expectations include convenience, so how does fast food get even faster?

Without the physical space to host POS systems with monitors and keyboards, Habit began looking at tablet devices. They decided that Intel® processor-based Dell Latitude 10 and Dell Venue* tablets running Windows 8 gave them not only the portability and convenience they needed, but also a more robust infrastructure than iOS or Android to deploy and manage devices to enable a mobile workforce.

With attached POS devices, the tablets made the customer experience at their new food trucks just as convenient and customer-centric as the in-store experience. Moreover, Habit’s mobilized workforce was able to reduce a customer’s wait time – in-store, at their food truck or from their drive-through – from 15 minutes down to 11 minutes – a big win for a hungry customer on their lunch hour. The efficiency of Intel® ATOM™ and Intel® Core™ i5 processors along with hot-swappable batteries make it possible to enable Habit’s mobile workforce from breakfast time clear on through to a late night snack.

But Habit’s tablets do more than help to take orders for their hungry customers. They also satisfy operational needs of their business including inventory control, e-learning for employee onboarding and even as mobile cash registers in some high traffic store locations (with Micro POS software). This single device helps Habit do more than keep the lights on, it helps them push the envelope. One device, multiple purposes – now that’s tasty!

The moral of the story is that you can serve your customers so much more than they expect with Intel-based tablets that integrate into their existing infrastructures and can be managed through familiar PC-based tools. The icing on the cake, or in this case, the pickle on the burger, is that Intel-based tablets and various peripheral devices can allow businesses to re-make their workflows for greater efficiency, and ultimately better business outcomes.

Watch the Habit Grill video here, but be warned – you’ll come away hungry.

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