Feeling Nebulous About the Cloud?


You’ve heard plenty about opportunities in the cloud, but is it right for your business? How will your employees and customers benefit? Should you get involved? What if you don’t?!

Talk of web services, public/private cloud, and “fill in the blank”-as-a-Service is ubiquitous. From the CEO to the CFO to the CIO, midmarket and enterprise customers want to have the conversation.

  •  57% of midmarket and enterprise firms are currently leveraging at least one public cloud service.
  •  Another 31% of firms are considering the use of public cloud in the future.

Even those companies that may be reluctant to trust their business critical operations to the cloud want to understand their options. Are you prepared to speak to them?

The options and outcomes should be carefully weighed when considering adoption of a cloud-based business model. Thinking about these key issues may help you see the cloud opportunity more clearly.

How does a Cloud practice fit your business model? Private cloud and integration services may look similar to your current business model, but a public cloud-based business can look quite different. Understanding the implications and trade-offs of each model is imperative.

Expertise will be your differentiator. Understanding the nuances of your customers’ businesses and markets will give you an edge. Customers will pay a premium for expertise. What’s your edge?

Do you need to modify your go-to-market strategy? Should you adjust sales and marketing strategies in the face of potentially lower ASPs? Is your sales organization prepared to have conversations with CFOs about opex and capex?

How to choose the right partner? This is critical. You need to do your homework and be diligent before you agree to the rules of engagement. Partnering can help you get started. Here are two Intel partners working with resellers to help them build cloud businesses.

Equus, in partnership with Intel, has developed both prepackaged and customized private cloud computing solutions. They can work with you to configure an integrated solution including server, storage and network connectivity. Equus provides dedicated account management, and a partner portal with more than 100 validated systems. Visit www.equuscs.com

 If your interest lies in branding your own public cloud solution, M&A Technology’s offerings span from basic co-location through to cloud-based storage, cloud backup, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, as well as SaaS offerings such as end-point management. This model helps you to accelerate recurring revenue and minimize the risk and cost associated with building your own public cloud service.

Visit www.macomp.com

However you decide to proceed, Intel is committed to providing you with the tools and guidance you need to be successful. Peruse our vast resources, learn more about Intel partners, and allow us to help you find your silver lining.

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