PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA Prototyping System, based on the world’s highest capacity FPGAs, has a prototyping capacity of 2 billion ASIC gates

PRO DESIGN Electronic Gmbh is the first company to release details of an ASIC and SoC prototyping and verification system based on the just-announced Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA, the world’s highest capacity FPGA with 10.2 million logic elements (LEs). The proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA Prototyping System incorporates four pluggable FPGA modules based on the Intel Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGA. Each pluggable FPGA module, based on a single FPGA, has a prototyping capacity of 60 million ASIC gates, giving a quad-module prototyping system an emulation capacity of 240 million ASIC gates. As many as nine such quad-module systems can be connected together, creating an ASIC prototyping platform that can accommodate ASIC designs as large as 2 billion ASIC gates. PRO DESIGN supplies the proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA Prototyping System with its proFPGA Builder software, which includes a board support package and provides an extensive set of features including advanced clock management, integrated self- and performance tests, automatic board detection and I/O voltage programming, system scan and safety mechanisms, and quick remote system configuration and monitoring through USB, Ethernet, or PCIe. These features greatly simplify the use of PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA systems.


PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA Prototyping System has a maximum prototyping capacity of 2 billion ASIC gates using nine connected systems.


This new system is fully backwards compatible with the company’s previous generations of proFPGA systems, which means that you can mix and match the new proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA Prototyping Systems with previous proFPGA prototyping system generations based on Intel Stratix 10 GX 2800 and Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs. This backwards compatibility preserves your existing investments.

“We were amazed by Intel’s new Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA in terms of size, capacity, number of I/Os, performance and software, and it was very challenging to get this huge device integrated in our compact proFPGA system concept. But with the input and help from Intel, our partners, some key customers and our own well-rehearsed production facility, we were able to master all these challenges,” explained Gunnar Scholl, PRO DESIGN’s CEO.

PRO DESIGN will demonstrate the proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M Prototyping system at the SemIsrael Expo, in Tel Aviv, Israel, at booth #8 on November 19, 2019. The proFPGA quad Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M system is available for early adopters beginning in November 2019. General availability is scheduled for January 2020.


For more information about the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA, see “Intel announces Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M FPGA, world’s highest capacity with 10.2 million logic elements. Targets ASIC Prototyping and Emulation Markets,” and “Want to see a photo of the world’s highest capacity FPGA, the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 10M? How about two photos?


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