Low-cost Trenz Electronic C10LP-RefKit dev board based on Intel Cyclone® 10 FPGA available through Arrow


Arrow Electronics is now carrying the low-cost Trenz Electronic C10LP-RefKit dev board, which is based on a low-power Intel® Cyclone® 10 FPGA with 55k logic elements. The FPGA and on-board peripherals are powered by a pair of high-efficiency Intel® Enpirion® EN6347QI PowerSOC stepdown, dc-dc converter modules. The C10LP-RefKit dev board also incorporates 8 Mbytes of SDRAM, 8 Mbytes of high-speed HyperRAM DRAM, and 2 Mbytes of Flash memory. Peripherals include two 10/100 Ethernet ports; two microUSB ports (one of these ports is for programming the board); a VGA port; an 8-channel, 1-Msamples/sec ADC; a 4-channel, 10-bit DAC; a 4-digit, 7-segment LED display; eight additional LEDs, five pushbutton switches; and four additional DIP switches. The board’s Arduino-compatible header, two PMOD headers, two high-speed QSE ground plane socket strip connectors, and four SMA connectors simplify expansion using a variety of peripherals.

Here’s a photo of the C10LP-RefKit board:


The Trenz Electronic C10LP-RefKit board


Finally, here’s a block diagram of the C10LP-DevKit board:


Block Diagram for the Trenz Electronic C10LP-RefKit board


Note that the FPGA configuration of the Trenz CL10LP-RefKit board includes an instance of the Intel Nios® II soft-core processor.

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